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Also known as 'how-to' essay, a process essay is about describing the process of doing something or explaining the phenomena of its occurrence. The nature of a process essay is instructional and clearly informative. You might have seen the write-ups around 'how to use a screw-driver' or 'how to cook meat lasagna', etc. All of these are one kind of a process essay, as they let the reader understand the process of doing them. All you need to know in order to make process essays are – process essay topics, structure, information of the methodology, and we have compiled relevant information below to help you get some ideas for a process essay.

Writing a process essay is simple in terms of structure, but tricky in terms of putting the most clear and precise steps to not confuse the readers and help them get the instructions correctly. Writing a process essay has a few steps:

  • Before starting off to write, list down the 'things to use' and 'steps to follow' separately.
  • In 'things to use', write down everything you can think of, that is included in the formation or explanation of the chosen process essay ideas. This applies to almost all the topics for a process essay.
  • Next, think of every small to big step that is needed to explain the process of the topic.
  • Do not worry about putting things in system at this point of time, as this is the rough draft. Try and think about listing down every step.
  • After having written the 'steps to follow' roughly, start thinking and putting the points in system by giving numbers to them. Club any points that make better sense together.
  • After having done these things, structure comes next.
    • Decide about the structure of the essay from a visual look standpoint. You may try and keep the process essay in the form of bullet-points, or structure it in the form of paragraphs.
    • The key structure of the essay would remain to be (1) introduction, (2) main body of the essay, and (3) conclusion.
    • The introductory paragraph should ideally include the list and details of the material or elements used in the formation of the topic being written about. The content of this section should be taken from the 'things to use' you compiled in the initial.
  • The main body of this essay should include all the steps included in the formation of the topic.
  • The conclusion ideally states the reason or a few ending lines about the topic, as to why it was picked by you.

Some Process Essay Ideas

Finding process essay topics, is easy, as it includes the steps-writing and brainstorming. Here are a few topics for a process essay to help you create your own ideas for a process essay:

  1. Making an almond-nutty chocolate at home.
  2. Looking stylish at a soon-coming party with dresses available.
  3. Designing a website in 15 quick steps.
  4. How to write a cover letter?
  5. The procedure of becoming a foster parent.

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