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Are you supplementing you college financial needs with a part-time job? Are you discouraged that your part-time job is completely un-rewarding, and do you hate going to work? Perhaps this infographic will help you to know that famous people have had to do the same thing.

This infographic offers information on famous authors who have had to take on quite a number of odd, often unpleasant, jobs while they pursued their writing careers. Whether it is authors or some other profession, it does not matter. These were and are highly successful people who did what they had to do to achieve their goals.

  • They all wanted to be successful writers – a field in which only a tiny percentage actually “make it,” at least during their lifetimes. Are you pursuing a career goal that is as difficult as being an author? If not, be glad. If so, take heart. But do what you need to do to support yourself in your pursuit.
  • Many of them took big risks to pursue their goals – working as janitors, as dishwashers, as car mechanics and such, just to feed themselves while they wrote. It took a lot of courage, but those risks paid off. Do not be afraid to take risks as you pursue your goals.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Remember that as you flip that hamburger!