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Together We Stand Letter







Together We Stand Letter

            Incidents of children having similar sicknesses have been on the increase in my community in the past few years. This according to me is a matter which needs to be addressed with the seriousness it deserves.  Subjecting children to such sicknesses will be like crippling the future of our community and the nation at large since they are the leaders of tomorrow (Frost, 1867).  Many will bear me witness that all seemed to be well with my community until a gas company was set up in the region. It is therefore worth to conclude that the practices of the company which is five years old in the community are to be held liable for the detrimental effects on the health of the children.

            To ascertain my conclusions, I have gone round visiting every home that has got children aged between seven years and below. I have been distributing questionnaires for the past three months with questions about the health status of the children and their corresponding age. After analyzing the questionnaires, I can beyond any reasonable doubt say that all children aged five years and below seem to portray similar characteristics in their sicknesses (Intinalli, 2004).  Children who were born before the company was set up in the region and currently aged six years and above, seem to be very healthy.

             I think the above findings leave you with no doubt that the root of the health problems faced by our children is the gas company. Therefore there is a need for us to unite as one and look for a way of dealing with the problem before we lose a whole generation. The first step we need to take as a community is to approach a public health officer and explain to him of our predicaments and present him with necessary evidence to support our claims (Intinalli, 2004).   Other than that, there is a need to approach the company itself to try and see if we can arrive at an amicable solution to the issue without necessarily involving top authorities.




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