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There are times when speech-writing falls in a student's plate, and it's absolutely not easy for anyone to face the huge gathering, and deliver an impressive speech. The instances are very less, but those who really make a mark in delivery great speeches are the ones who prepare well in advance.

Impressing the audience with a good speech isn't difficult, if you know the purpose of the event. The content of your speech should match the occasion. Also, you need to be organized in terms of putting your arguments and thoughts logically. One point should be thoroughly mentioned till the end, and after it's done, don't re-open it between other points, unless reference is essential. Also, if you wish to add a couple of related quotes, it would help your audiences remember your words. Remember the below keys to writing an effective speech:

  1. Design a pattern to memorize your points. Example, point b follows a, and henceforth c follows b. Forgetting anything while delivering a speech in front of huge audience doesn't get a good feeling, also, remembering everything isn't easy unless you use a memorizing-trick.
  2. Do not start with an ordinary, predictable or monotonous opening. Try to gather some interesting facts or statistics, or any interesting phrase or quote that gets immediate attention of your listeners. Hooks play a major role in driving the attention of the listeners, hence, use them judiciously, and especially at the start.
  3. Understand the need of the audience before starting to write anything. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a person among the audience, and ask yourself 'what would I expect from a speech on this topic?’ Try to keep the expectations on, but ensure that you don't repeat the most predictable pieces of information. This type of fear remains in cases of delivering speeches on descriptive speech topics, due to the tone of the speech.
  4. Do not try to be strict or persuasive, even if you are delivering speeches on argumentative speech topics or persuasive speech topics. In a speech, it's important to speak in a human-tone and try to connect to the listeners.

Now, let's take a look at some effective topics for different types of speeches.

Argumentative Speech Topics

  1. Women should have equal reservations in the Military services as men.
  2. Priests should be allowed to get married and have families.
  3. Religion mostly gives birth to violence and terrorism.

Expository Speech Topics

  1. Different cultures take different meanings of common gestures used at the workplace.
  2. Ballet and Kung Fu: The similarities.
  3. Acid rainfall and its impact.

Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Plastic surgery should legally be permitted only to the accident-victims, and for no other purposes.
  2. There should be check and control on the amount of daily-sale allowed to any fast-food chain, in order to curb obesity.
  3. There should be mandatory drug-tests done to every student above high-school, and not just confined to the sports' students.

Descriptive Speech Topics

  1. A recently visited community development center.
  2. The epic crash of Wall-street.
  3. Fishing scenario in a nearby lake or water-body, with exotic water-life description.