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Why pick appealing college research paper topics?

It's not an easy job to fix a topic for a college essay, as the topic shares most of the success ratio in the approval of the essay. A topic is not just your first step towards writing an essay, but also decides the roadmap of the entire essay. Ideally, if the college research essay topics aren't appealing, the essays have less probability to keep the readers glued to them till the end, and when you can't assure the readership of the essay, your professor would be the last person to get impressed and give you grades, because he is a professional in looking through the initial lines of the essay and decide if it's good enough to be read or not. As we understand how important it is to come up with a great topic, we have put some research paper topics for college students.

Research Paper Topics for College Students

Before we jump off to some interesting research paper topics for college essays that we have compiled, a pointer for you to keep in mind is that the below titles may inspire you to frame any other interesting set of topics, if yes, please do so, because only what interests you personally would bring out the best essay out of you. In continuation to picking an interesting topic, ensure that either you know a lot about it personally, or would be able to find enough content on the internet sources and offline journals around you. Now, let's see some interesting research paper topics for college essays that you may re-write and re-use.

College Research Paper Topic Ideas

The below college research paper topic ideas have been segregated field-wise for you to get a clear idea in the time of researching and referencing.


  • Is mental sickness needed to be a creative person?
  • Is music a successful form to treat sick patients?
  • Why is the concept of movie remakes popular?


  • Why should it be considered to increase one day in the weekend?
  • Why should small-sized enterprises not be covered under government subsidy policies?


  • Is urbanization having a bad effect than good to nature?
  • How is animal extinction bad for the global business in the long run?
  • How effective is the use of wind energy?


  • How is arts and sports education leading to better shaping of the students' personalities?
  • What could be the on-site college rules against bullying?
  • Is sex education really implemented in schools?


  • Is religion and historical myths created by human being?
  • Are the steps taken by government enough to safeguard the historical buildings?

Social Work

  • How is the body language of men and women important at the workplace and social circles?

How much impact has been laid by the social networking sites on the real-life relationships?