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Research paper is a tough job for the research students which they have to manage doing somehow. And not just manage, but perform well enough to get good grades. Ideally, every student who has to write a research paper holds a pen and a paper for a very long time thinking of one lead to initiate. But, getting a lead starts with a topic. If one spends good enough time to come up with a topic, the rest of the research paper would turn out to be an easy cake. Interesting research paper topics aren't easy to be created but a little guidance and practice would get you some really good and interesting topics for research papers.

Interesting topics for research papers! Why?

A research paper goes through approval from the instructor before being finally put into a complete shape for submission, and this is the stage where the instructor decides if the research paper has any weight to let it be done by the student. The success ratio of the research paper depends largely on the topic, and unless you pick interesting topics for a research paper, your paper most likely would come back to you for revision or re-do. Best is to invest time in finding some interesting topics for a research paper, and hit the success in the first go. But, how does one find some interesting research paper topics? Here we have provided some interesting research paper topic ideas to help you figure out your own.

Interesting research paper topic ideas

There isn't any pre-defined list around interesting research paper topic ideas, but any topic that looks measurable, ensures that enough data is available to prove the hypothesis statement, and also convinces to be a unique value-addition to the historical literature available should qualify as a good topic for your research paper. Take a look at these topics, and while you go through them you would be able to make some unique titles of your own. Also, remember, that the topic you pick should be in the form of a question-statement that you would be testing in your paper.

  1. How constructive is feminism for the modern society?
  2. Have there been any improvements in taking measures against noise pollution in the past 10 years?
  3. How much is the food responsible for leading to obesity in the country?
  4. How are beauty contests doing any good to the society?
  5. How are laws against bullying effective in reducing crime against students?
  6. Have there been any witnessed solutions for the wars going in Africa?
  7. How have the cell phones damaged the moralistic aspect of the society?
  8. Having strict marital laws to keep couples far off from getting divorced is a helpful measure. Prove the validity of this statement.
  9. How much art is present in a modern art?

How is self-employment more disadvantageous than being advantageous, or vice versa?