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To understand what an argumentative essay is, let's start off with an example of you listening to someone on TV presenting a brand of shampoo, which isn't the one you use. The presenter presents some arguments to favor the shampoo in such a way that compels you to believe that the new brand is better than your brand. This is argumentative style of presenting, and this is what you do while writing an argumentative research essay report. Argumentative essay examples ideally focus on presenting persuasive arguments to make the audience accept it.

Now, when we know the purpose we need to serve while writing this type of essay, let's see how to write such an essay, general outline, examples of argumentative essays, ending with a sample argumentative essay on a topic.

Writing an argumentative essay

To present a strong argumentative essay example, you need a strong topic, which is debatable. Ensure that the topic you pick should not be based upon a narrow field; else you won't have a lot of people forming an opinion in contradiction to your statement. Now, before working around the structure, you need to have enough confidence that you would be able to present some good arguments. If you aren't sure of it, write down every probable persuasive statement you have on a paper and check if they qualify the below criteria:

  • The language of the points should be passionate while writing examples of argumentative essay
  • Include support of other resources or influential references
  • Provide essential statistics, facts and evidences
  • Refute the opposite claims

Here is the common structure/outline for your example of an argumentative essay.

  1. Introduce the audience to the topic you picked and present the question that you would be supporting.
  2. Start building up your point stronger. The claim should be written first, followed by the evidences. This should be done in the main body of the essay.
  3. Divide your main body into two parts: first one to support your claim with evidences, and second to refute the opposition.
  4. The conclusion should re-state the argument you wanted to present. This would leave your statement as the last mark on the readers' minds.

Argumentative Essay Sample

Below is an example of an argumentative essay on the topic – Incomplete Grooming with Single Parenting. Taking a look at a few other argumentative essay samples and practicing with some argumentative essay examples should get you a good hold of writing them with perfection.

(Please format the content as per the prescribed format-type, APA, MLA, etc.)

Here is the sample argumentative essay:

It's been with a lot of children in the modern world, that due to several circumstances they are being raised by single parent. But, this is a common belief that the children raised in both types of situations showcase variant personalities and abilities to cope-up with life. A lot of people believe that one parent can groom the children as good as both the parents. But, this isn't supported by statistics and study of trends.

It is strongly believed that both the parents carry different type of characteristics that are both needed by the children to learn a lot of basic things in life. For example, the father is supposed to showcase himself as the strength of the family, with better emotional balance, and ability to take firm decisions, while the mother is known to be a warm shelter, taking care of the internal grooming of the children. It's not an easily-found combination in one parent, hence children groomed by one parent show some or the other essential feature missing from their personality.

The study of xyz magazine, done with around x number of families in US present a statistics, that claim that over 75% of the people see a visible lag in the abilities of the children groomed by one parent. This might be due to the inability of the parent to tackle with the internal responsibilities while working outside as well. The children groomed with both the parents are a blend of essentials from both the sides.