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With persuasive essays it is all about expressing the opinions that one has to the reader and try to make them go in line with the your point of view. They are very crucial in expressing the opinions that count to an individual although the opinions need not to be factual. The students normally find these kinds of writings to be much easy and expressive enough. This is majorly because a student is able to argue their point out at ease and be able to express themselves with ultimate freedom and less contradiction.

The statements that the students should incorporate in their writings are majorly from the areas of issues that surround their lives.

The opinions are normally based on the normal things that happen in life or on facts that surround the people. The writer is then able to argue out their opinions accordingly with either facts or even their own thoughts over a particular topic. Unlike argumentative essays where one has to say it with strong conviction and urgency, persuasive essays are more about expressing an opinion in which the writer can either choose to oppose or support.​

It is this ability and freedom of the writer that makes these essays have humour, wittiness and convincing language. It is not at all aggressive but smooth and often carries the day as compared to the kindness and gentleness of the language. The topics selected are geared at expressing opinions that are a bit different from the norm making it very attractive to the leader. For instance when the essay is written to express different opinions and similar suggestions to a known issue in life like

  • reading newspapers is unhealthy in the morning
  • Taking tea without sugar boosts the health of an individual.
  • Women should not be in power
  • The government should not constitute women
  • The lifestyle of young people is boring
  • There is no need for religion
  • It takes time to be a genius
  • Life is unbearable
  • The hustle life of millionaires
  • It pays to be rich
  • Going to school is not mandatory
  • Being bright does not pay
  • Taking breakfast is not important
  • Being smart is everything
  • It is all about being part of nation building
  • There is no need of power
  • Going to school is fun
  • Drama festivals should be abolished
  • Learning does not add much value
  • Its painful tom cry
  • Sleeping is fun
  • All winners are losers
  • It is all about money
  • The life of a student is fun
  • There is no pain without any gain
  • Health is not a must
  • It does not take time to grow
  • Giving the very best is not enough
  • Giving is receiving
  • Money will never be enough
  • There is no need of working
  • It pays to be rich
  • The newspapers lie
  • Taking part is not important
  • The nation is built in a season
  • Bravely is for the weak
  • Studying is for the few
  • Wealth is shared by all
  • It is not important to eat
  • Kids should be given jobs
  • Learning is for the elderly
  • Laughter is a sign of weakness
  • Children should not go to school
  • There is no need for taxis
  • Swimming in winter is fun
  • Breakfast should be taken at dusk
  • Being smart does not lead to riches
  • Eating is no fun

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