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Christianity and Islam are the world largest religions and their comparison and contrasting revolves around quite a wide range of variables. In Christianity, the followers are believe in Christ which is meant to mean “Messiah” in Greek. This is a perspective where the Christian is supposed to have the will of Christ in whatever he or she does as opposed to the Islamic follower who is referred to in Islam as a Muslim and his acquiescence to the resolve of God. In deity point of view and governing principles, the Christian do believe in the God of trinity. The three individualism aspect in God incorporates the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. In muslin on the other hand, they do have the guide of one God “Allah” who is indivisible. Muslin is purely on a practice of monotheism.

Jesus Christ is regarded as the son of God and he is given the worship as God himself in Christianity but the Muslim community does accord to Muhammad high respect and regards him as a second to the last of the prophets. There is a similarity here, because the two religions have the second to the most Mighty who they perceive as the mighty one and accord the same respect and honor.

Both Christianity and muslin religions advocate that the birth of their second prophets was a virgin conception with no man having to mate with the mother to have the child other than the power of the mighty. Mary mother of Jesus conceived out of Holy Spirit and the same case was for “Muhammad”. Christians on the other hand believe that Jesus was crucified by the Roman Army while the muslin society are governed by the fact the Muhammad was never killed. He ascended into heaven which is similar to Christian believe wholly and with life.

Both religions are aware of the life after death and they expect the dead to either end up in paradise or hell. This will depend on how one fared while he was a life in regard to the righteous life and sinful undertakings. Anyone who committed the sins according to both religions would be punished for it and those who embraced righteousness shall enjoy peace and comfort of the paradise in eternity.

Christians are believers who worship in the church while the muslin use the mosque. Despite having a particular day set aside for worship in both religions, Christian’s consider Sunday to be the day of Worship and relaxation from the six days labor while Muslims regard Friday has the most respected and holy day of the week.

In both religions there are holy days though they vary on date and reasons behind their existence. For instance in Christianity Christmas and Easter are linked to holy days. Ashura and the Mawlid as well as lunar month of Ramadan are associated with holiness in addition to Eid al-Fitr and the Eid al-Adha. These are specific days when the Muslims are involved with their religion believes similar to Christians during their outlines religious days and conventions.

Interfaith marriages are encouraged and allowed in Christianity with roots from the early Christian Orthodox church. A marriage between the conservative Christians and the rest of the conservatives is allowed and nobody had issues relating to the interfaith believes. In Islamic, a Muslim woman can only be married to a fellow Muslim man and never to a non Muslim. This is different from what Christianity allows and accepts.

Christians believe in the Baptism and Eucharism as the two main sacred rituals while Muslims are attached to the five pillars which include prayer and pilgrimage on top of chastity and fasting and the faith affirmation.