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APA Outline Format

Here are some of the guidelines that will be noted when using a basic APA outline format:

  • Roman numerals are used for the main titles in the outline, the sub headings are indicated with capital letters.
  • Arab numerals are to be used within the sub-headings and should be written in lower case letters.
  • A less popular form that could be used is the decimal outline.

The following are some APA outline format examples for a better understanding.

The university Application Process

I. Choose Desired Campus

     A. Visit and overview campus syllabus

     B. Visit and overview campus websites

          1. Check out for interesting courses

          2. Pay attention to important statistics

a. Undergraduate/postgraduate ratio

II. Get ready with your Application

     A. Compose a Personal Statement

1. Choose a motivating topic

a. Favorite games in school

b. My school mentor

          2. Take account of vital details

a. Volunteering

b. Sport activities and achievements

c. Club participation at school.

III. Compose CV

     A. Include relevant assignments

     B. Include previous work experience (in case any)

     C. Compile volunteer experience

          1. Member of the community cleaning group

2. Vice president at the high school level.​

Decimal Outline Format

1.0 Choose best insurance policy

     1.1 Visit and find out on policies

     1.2 Visit insurance websites and contact center

          1.2.1 Best insurance products

          1.2.2 Claims process

Tips on creating an outline

An outline is a very important part of your writing; it contributes to how your paper will be presented to your audience. The outline is the crucial step in composing the structure for what exactly will be said in your paper, along with the way of how you’re going to said that.

Here are tips to come up with a presentable outline


This is involves your structuring of the headings and sub-headings.the structure you choose to use should be consistently maintained throughout your outline. Use a particular tense for all the headings and subheadings and should consistent till the end.


Coordination is important between headings. Take time to choose meaningful headings that will bring significance to your book or writing material. This rule is applicable to sub-headings as well, but their information is going to be less important than the headings contain.

Use subordination

This is a tip that should be highly emphasized when you want to clearly bring out the relationship between the headings and the sub-headings.  Most headings always contain something known and general to everyone. While coming up with a heading choose a heading that everyone can understand and later on with the subheading you could be more specific and narrow down to other topics.


Divide your outline in other different parts. Division helps to keep your work orderly and much easier for your readers to pick on the parts they are more interested in leaving the others. When you start dividing, put each heading with some of its few parts below, heading should have at least two parts its good to ensure that also you don’t create so many parts that may be less important. It may contain more, but in case you have too many, then you will possibly need to include another heading or sub-heading or unite some of the divisions. 

An outline is compulsory when writing any paper of college level. Finally an outline is just like any other normal writing it is important for you to adhere to correct use of grammar, spelling and any other punctuation rule.

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