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College Paper Writing can be a Bit of a Shock

In high school, you may have been quite successful in producing term papers in a variety of classes.  You learned the process of conducting research, synthesizing research information and creating papers which impressed your teachers.  You think you are well-prepared for college paper writing, until you receive your first few paper assignments and realize that the topics are far more complex, the resources more sophisticated, and the format styles unfamiliar. Gone are the days of simply researching information and organizing it into a reasonably coherent “report” for science English, and social science classes.  Now you must delve into difficult content, develop an academically-sound thesis, and prepare college papers the expectations for which are quite high.  It is understandable that you are experiencing some shock and anxiety and of course worried that you may not rise to these new expectations.​

Two Types of Writing Paper Assignments

As a university scholar, you will be charged with writing two types of essays or papers – one requiring little to no research and, of course, the research paper, requiring a significant amount of outside reading of appropriate materials which will be used in the development of your thesis or question.

The Basic Essay

In high school, a large part of your English course work involved the production of essays of all types – descriptive, explanatory, narrative, comparison/contrast, persuasive and perhaps literary analyses and responses to the writing of others.   At the college level, however, such essays will take on a new “flavor.”  A university scholar will be required to add both depth and breadth to each piece of writing, using higher level cognitive skills that may or may not have been adequately developed during high school years.  For example, in high school you no doubt read To Kill a Mockingbird and, in so doing, were introduced to the blatant racism within American institutions, such as the judicial system.  You probably wrote an essay that pointed to the details of this racism rampant throughout the tale.  As a university scholar, however, you may be asked to read that work again, along with the more modern version, The Color of Law,  and then to produce an essay demonstrating the change from overt to subtle racism within these same institutions.  You will be picking through both novels, looking for methods of comparison, developing your thesis that racism still exists and has simply become entrenched within our institutions in new, less discernible ways.  The essay you write will make a contribution to knowledge itself, and that is the difference between high school and university essay writing!


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How can I find a professional paper writing service for my studies?

During your college studies, you will be required to prepare and submit many papers that will affect your overall grades. No matter how much you dislike academic writing, these papers are necessary for the professors to realize whether you understood a particular subject. However, you won’t be able to always deliver the best work on each paper topic your professors assign. It wouldn’t be fair to get a lower grade just because your professor doesn’t understand that you have other assignments to complete and gives you an impossible deadline for a challenging task.

Writing academic papers can be a nightmare, but it can also be the easiest experience when you deal with our professional paper writing service. Our team of writers is consisted of highly-experienced professionals of various fields of study, including general science, management, sociology, history, English, computer science, general science, law, psychology, and many other disciplines. When you order your assignments at EssayThinker.com, we will assign a writer that will be perfect for your requirements. Ordering high-quality papers from a professional paper writing service is the only way to solve all your problems related to college education, and there isn’t a better candidate than our company when it comes to meeting and exceeding all your expectations.

How should I write a college paper?>

College papers are assignments that can have different formats, but one purpose: to inspire the student to research a particular subject and learn more relevant information than the lessons taught in class. College classes can be a lot of fun when you like the subject. If you only liked all classes and all professors, life would be much easier. However, the reality is much different – your professors tend to challenge you more than you could stand up for.

Writing awesome college papers requires a lot of practice, experience, and time you probably don’t have. The most difficult part is getting started and coming up with an argument that will be worthy of discussing and awakening your professor’s interest. This is not an easy thing to do, as your professor probably knows all about that subject and it takes a lot of creativity to come up with a unique way of presenting an old idea. The process of developing a college paper doesn’t start with writing, but with reading. It is important to read and understand as many relevant sources as possible. When you get through that initial phase, the fun part comes on stage – brainstorming. This is an old, but good method of releasing your creativity and finding the best idea that will become your thesis.

When you start writing the actual paper, you will need to keep few things in mind: it needs to be original; your argument should be clear; your thesis should be specific; and you should keep every sentence focused on the main thesis.   

Why should I hire your paper writing service instead of writing the paper myself?

Ask a student what the most difficult part of their studies is, and you will most likely get the following answer: writing college papers! We strongly encourage you to write your own papers whenever possible, but we also understand that you cannot be brilliant in every possible class in college and deliver every single assignment your professors demand. Our paper writing service has a separate section where you can find practical tips on how to write your own papers. We care about your education, and making you a better writer would be our biggest success.

Here comes the important point: why is it better to hire our paper writing service instead of writing your own papers? The answer is simple: our expert writers have gone through specialized training on academic writing and can express any idea brilliantly and uniquely, by following you instructions at the same time. When hiring a professional essay writer to work on your assignment, you will receive an authentic paper that will be completely yours. There are simply too many assignments to cope with during college life, but you don’t have to worry when your head starts spinning because of a paper you can’t handle by the deadline. The biggest advantage of getting a professional writer to work on your assignment is that you will get the best paper written by a degreed writer who is informed on the specific topic and points of discussion.

Why is hiring a college paper writing service the best way of getting good grades?

Have you heard of a professor delay the deadline just because you have other subjects to focus on? We sure haven’t! If you are not able to write a certain paper before the deadline, that doesn’t make it less important. Your professor will count that as part of your grade, and there is no need in pointing out how important grades are. Academic writing is a crucial part of modern college education, and it is supposed to develop your critical thinking skills. The only criticism you could think of at these moments is that your professors don’t understand that you don’t have time to work on everything they require. This is where our college paper writing service comes into the picture – you will deliver all important papers, get the grades you were aiming for, and still have time to prepare for your other classes.

When you don’t feel confident about a certain topic and there isn’t enough time to conduct a thorough research, you won’t get anywhere by submitting mediocre or uncompleted work. Hiring our college paper writing service is the smartest thing to do in such situation. By all means, we do encourage you to work on your own academic writing assignments, but we are always here to provide assistance when the challenge is more than you can chew. 


The high school term paper involved researching a topic using secondary sources, and the focus was to gather information and data, in order to increase one’s own knowledge about that topic and to develop skills in research, writing, and citing resources.  It was preparation for the basics of research but not for the “meat” of scholarly research.  Research paper writing at the university level will include the expectation that the scholar will develop a research question or thesis and then set out to answer the question or prove the thesis through true academic research – the use of primary sources, the synthesis and evaluation of material, and an exceptional ability to use language effectively.  For example in high school you may have conducted research on the ethical issues of biogenetic engineering.  You would have perhaps read a book or two and possibly several journal articles reporting on these issues.  At the university level, however, you will be locating and studying primary resources – presentations and research publications of those in the field of biogenetic engineering.  From these you will develop a thesis that regarding a major ethical issue and develop your position within the framework of your research.  The short 8-10 page term paper you wrote in high school was only a prelude to the research paper you will produce at the university level.  Your statements and opinions must be backed up by valid scientific evidence and data from recognized field experts, and your conclusions must point to additional work that might be warranted or new questions and issues that may arise as technology does.

If the prospect of producing university level essays and papers seems overwhelming, understand that with practice and experience, it will become less difficult.  One of the methods by which beginning university students cope with the new college paper writing demands is to seek the services of a professional paper writing service.  Using such paper writing services has become quite commonplace and allows novices the opportunity to order original and expertly produced essays and papers on any topic whatsoever.  When a truly professional college paper writing service is utilized, the student achieves two goals.  First, s/he is able to obtain an academically-sound piece of writing that is submission-ready; second, s/he has the opportunity to read and study original works and to use these as models as his/her learning process develops.  It is one thing to be told how to produce a scholarly work; it is quite another to have excellent examples of such works to study and model as one begins the process of producing his/her own.

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