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What is an expository essay?

Unlike the descriptive essay, an expository essay tries to explain the subject matter to the audience. In your own words and style, the essay explains a process, maybe identify cause and effect, compare and contrast scenarios. This can be via examples, definitions, just simply trying to tell it out how you know something. With explanation as a writer you would need supporting facts to accomplish it.​

Take for example:  an essay that is to compare and contrast a subject. The writer has to use a style that would create an essay that is of such type. A table or chart will be precise for such. An expository essay should be explaining the subject matter with facts rather than opinions. As much as possible, the writer should investigate and research a lot about the subject. This will help him create arguments and be able to defend in case there will be doubt on the part of the reader.

Tips on Writing an Expository Essay

Explaining facts in a straight forward manner is all an expository essay is all about. No beating round the bush, just answers and facts. At the end you need to have references, bibliography maybe footnotes to elaborate on your subject topic. The essay will generally include terms like “explain” or “define” example; “write an essay explaining why the Second World War ended?”

With such a question for an essay you just got to explain, there is no point of giving opinions. The Second World War was real and facts made it end. Bring them out and explain with regards to facts at hand. Even the question asks you to “explain” not giving opinions.

Expository Essays; Five Step Writing Process

Writing of expository essays is a skill; it’s a process that has steps. For you to get the best out of it, you need to focus on these listed processes. It’s a step by step procedure and easy to cram if need be.

Expository Essay Structure

An expository essay is majorly composed of five paragraphs; this will also depend on the set guidelines and essay instructions. Only the instructions will limit you, but for an essay it should be to length that the writer is satisfied in explaining the subject matter. Even if with more than ten paragraphs, as long as the point is driven home then it’s an expository essay. Even if in this many paragraphs, it should contain; the introductory paragraph, which contains the main idea. As in what you’re explaining in your essay. Also referred to as the thesis after which the body of the essay follows. This will comprise the next three to four paragraphs. Within the body you will now support the thesis, bringing out clearly the supporting facts to help you in explain the subject topic.

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Then finally the concluding paragraph summarizes the essay, it re-ties all the points discussed within the body and with this restates the subject topic.  

Expository essay tips

Prewriting For The Expository Essay

Take time to brainstorm before starting your essay. Think broadly about the subject topic, this will include doing research and taking notes.

Drafting The Expository Essay

Draft the essay the way you expect it to be. This will help you save time and plan on what to include in each of the process discussed above.

Revising The Expository Essay

Reorganize your work, review. Make the necessary corrections that may cost you marks in the end.

Editing the expository essay

Proofread and edit your essay before submitting it. Correct for grammatical errors and mechanics

Publishing the expository essay

Read it to the class. Give it to friend to read and make his or her opinion on it. Such will help you to ‘pimp’ it to the best state.

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