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Academic paper writing refers to a particular type of writing students do in college and other higher educational institutions. In fact, the difference between writing in college and writing in high school may be one of the first things you will discover when you join these institutions. Not that what high school teachers thought you will not be useful to you in college, but some of the writing strategies that served you well in high school (such as the five-paragraph theme) will just not work here.​

You will still need to write clearly, to have an interesting and arguable thesis, to build your paragraphs to be coherent and focused, but if you rely on elevated language or repeat your thoughts to meet a page count, in college, you will certainly fail.

How Is Academic Paper Writing Different from other types of writing?

There are three main concepts to understand:

  • Academic writing is writing done by academia for academia. In college you are part of a community. Here you will read, think, discuss, argue and write about great ideas, along with all other members of your academic community, but in a certain way that is required by your institution. Through your education you will be able to learn these expectations, requirements and conventions and better guide your success.
  • The topics and questions must be of interest to the academic community. Since you are now part of a community of scholars, you must try to find topic for your academic paper writing that will be relevant and interesting not only to you, but to your whole community. This should be something other students and scholars will find useful, something that will help them better understand the topic, or possibly see a different way. To be able to do this well you need to listen carefully to what your professors are saying during the classes. They will certainly share the context for you to position your questions and observations.
  • In academic paper writing you should present an informed argument. To be able to construct an informed argument you must first do a research on what is known on the topic and then clarify a position you will inform and argue about in your paper. If you fail to do that you will not meet what academic readers expect from your writing.

What should I Include In Academic Paper Writing?

First, you start with your topic – what you know and don’t know about your topic, what seems to be important about it, how this subject relates to other things you know? As you discover the answers to these questions you will be able to move beyond what you know about the topic, and come up with some new observations to form your opinion. In academic paper writing it is not only about summarizing what already exists as knowledge, but to also add something that is specifically yours. To do this you must analyze your reactions, associations, and how you experience the subject, instead of being personal.


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The transition from personal to analytical writing starts with a summary of the initial text and ideas. Go back to your answers and summarize the ideas according to your agenda, analyze your thoughts deeper and come to conclusions. Say your academic paper writing is about a Coppola movie; you can write a summary about its theme, the editing, talk about what you know about the film in context, or weigh how this movie challenges others from the same author, speak about the genre, etc. The choice is yours.

The summaries are then to be evaluated, same as you should evaluate the topic and your experiences from the very beginning. You must be able to clearly express and support your own personal response, and analyze the text itself. Examine how each and every part of your topic relates to one another, and the whole, and then synthetize to search for their connections.

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As you can see, academic paper writing requires sheer determination, dedication and hard work, your uninterrupted attention, as well as solid writing skills so you can keep your all-important grades high, as they are one of the determining factors of your success when entering the job market. How successful and fulfilling your future career will be depends greatly on the grades you will get during your education. This can be lots of burden for someone who is just entering college.

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