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Thesis Statement

Utopia is an ideal society that possesses a very perfect social and political system. Utopia thus is used to describe the relationship of nature with the society, where it compares the gap between the western lifestyle and the tradition lifestyle in relation with nature. The agreements between social, political and economic groups are in accordance in the New Zealand Utopia.


1. New Zealand government is one element that makes it utopian

a) New Zealand constitutional monarchy is part of its utopian form of government

New Zealand is considered utopia because of its culture, policies and its complexity in history. New Zealand’s are said to be a unique community with a very long history and unlike just being guinea pigs in their experiments in the fields of social engineering. In such cases, New Zealand life expectations and the social equality are speeded up by the welfare state. However, New Zealand is characterized through an even distribution of low poverty, economy and long life spans whereby its performance relies mostly in the facts that their social metrics is by the foundation of their basic history and sociology (Melvin, 58). The New Zealand’s have been seen to have grown through their sound low level institutions for example, their trust and cooperation and the strong work ethics that they have emulated.

i) Having a king or queen sets Sweden apart from other countries

New Zealand has a constitution whereby the queen is the head of government, thus as the governor she is responsible for executing laws and appointing the officials to public offices. The queen sets New Zealand aside from other countries since she has all the prerogative powers to amend and break rules. However, the New Zealand constitution gives its people the right to exercise freedom where in, its states that all the people are equal and that they have a right regardless of class and privileges should be equally distributed. The queen being the head of the state is represented by governor general and the executive political power s are exercised by the cabinet of the New Zealand (Kumar, 78).

ii) It can be looked upon as a luxury and makes the New Zealand’s proud

More so, New Zealand can be looked upon as a luxury state and the fact that they are proud because, all men and women have the same rights where each of them is entitled equal equity of employment (Trump, 65). It is seen also that New Zealand has a high level of life satisfaction. This has been stated by international survey where, in spite of the GDP per capita it is said to be lower than many other OECD countries in the world. Health insurances are also provided by the state thus making the people enjoy most of the services they are provided. More so, the country is known for its compliance with the international laws whereby it acts as a neutral nation (Melvin, 12).

iii) Royalty shows a country’s upstanding tradition, such as England whose royal family has gained international stardom

Royal family in the New Zealand shows the country’s upstanding tradition; in this aspect the Queen represents royalty in that her few opinions make the country proud. The kind of leadership they portray dictates the king of power that the royal family has. All rules are undertaken by the queen and people are quarantined full freedom and happiness. Their welfare is taken into considerations. The culture of the people is however characterized by the diverse communion where people work hand in hand for the betterment of their monarchy. In their religion they do not have a forced religion, they believe in diverse beliefs and they are normally free to worship any Supreme Being without being persecuted (Inkson, 34).

b. New Zealand democratically elected officials also contribute to this ideal government.

The New Zealand elected officials act as governors for the queen they represent her in different areas of the government. The rules that are set in the cabinet are strictly followed so that there never arises any inconveniences.

i) Description and Benefit 1

The leaders however represent their people in different senates and they proclaim the massages and development from their queen. The New Zealand’s constitution that comprises of the leaders is responsible for laying down the basis needs of the laws of utopia.

ii) Description and Benefit 2

The officials are responsible for enacting laws that help protect the rights of each individual (Inkson, 79)

c. The system of checks and balances helps keep the Swedish government honest and is a major element in its utopian nature.

New Zealand has a system of check and balances that guides its people become honest and trustworthy. This system is an element of utopian in that the laws that are implemented by the queen help in guiding every individual.

i) Description and Benefit 1

More importantly, the New Zealand government have adopted several aspects that are aimed at providing good governance among the leaders this aspect have increased their productivity since the leaders are observed from the higher perspective and their way of work is being monitored by the queens representatives (Kumar, 45).

ii) Description and Benefit 2

The check of balance has made people of New Zealand to adopt a class of working class persons who have made the country to success both economically and socially. However, the balancing of powers among the leaders has helped the people understand how to share resources equally since every state has its own representative who caters for the people welfare and the traditions (Trump, 65).

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