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Assignment writing covers every type of academic paper you will do in college, from research essays, to case studies and project reports. In addition to this, you will also need to do presentations, essays, article critiques, speaches. This all requires that you do have previous knowledge of the specific content, structure, and formatting style that needs to be applied if you want your papers to be positively evaluated.​

Students often do not have enough time to dedicate to such a requiring project, or they miss a key textbook, or they face difficulties trying to find the proper research material. Reading what’s all included in assignment writing it is no wonder they feel too overwhelmed and cannot keep the same tempo in fulfilling their school assignments; the tempo that got them to the good results they had in high school.

Steps to handle my Assignment Writing?

When you think and work in a series of steps, the chances are you will finish everything much easier. So here are the steps included in assignment writing:

Topic analysis – Consider what you need to demonstrate to complete the assignment effectively, by which criteria will your work be marked, and identify the question itself. To make sure you understand all dimensions of your assignment writing make sure you will go over the topic through a few times, and then try to explain it in your own words.

Brainstorming – This helps you think further about your topic to understand everything you know about it. While brainstorming you will want to jot down all the possible ideas you have. Try with Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? so you can make a starting point for the further information you will need to research for your assignment.


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Developing questions – Based on the ideas you have brainstormed you should develop questions that either lead you to statistical data or evidence, or explore the nature of the connections between each and every aspect of your topic.

Beginning research – Google your questions to get an idea of the topic and use libraries to browse for further information. Make sure to note the authors as you will always need to cite them in assignment writing papers. Refine  your questions as you begin your research.

Reading critically – Question as you read, analyze, identify, raise issues so you can form quality opinion about what you have read.

Taking notes for assignments – Your research questions can be your headlines, and you can record every information you find under the relevant question. Save this on your computer.

Planning your writing – If you plan your writing you can write much more effectively, which means you will have less trouble with editing later on. As you plan your writing you will be able to create a concept map of how to structure your assignment paper.

Structuring your assignment – Write your assignment paper using the concept map as a guide – plan your paragraphs, use linking words and chapters, follow the specifics of your assignment type, make sure to include an introduction, main text, and conclusion.

Editing and proofreading – End with editing and proofreading before you turn in your essay. Make sure your work meets every requirement of the course you are writing for so you can ensure your grades are safe.

What types of Assignment Writing can I be asked to do in University?

Each type of assignment writing has its own structure and features. Here are just few of those you will be given in college and at university:

  • Research Essay needs to answer a question of interest to peers and the academic community and present an argument based on well examined facts.
  • Literature Review identifies key ideas across literature to understand the current thinking, or find a ‘gap’ that is worth to research.
  • Annotated Bibliography speaks about the key articles on a topic, evaluates their usefulness in relation to the subject, and informs other researchers, academic and fellow professionals.
  • Reflective Journal is about you, about your understanding, thinking, and reflecting to how and what you have learned.
  • Critical or Analytical Review either critiques or evaluates the presented data, research methods and results in an article.
  • Case Study deals with a specific situation, identifies positives and negatives, and makes recommendations for other professionals, politicians, and the general public.
  • Lab/Practical or Experiment Report explains what you practically did and draws conclusions of interest to fellow students and researchers who would want to replicate your work.
  • Project Report reports on finished work, or work that is planned to be completed, often to an outside organization like an NGO or the government.

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