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Running header: The Wal-Mart Organization (TRAINING NEED ASSESSMENT)



The Wal-Mart Organization (TRAINING NEED ASSESSMENT)






5th November, 2010




Need assessment is one of the essential steps in designing a development and training program. This ensures that the training is efficient and effective. Before any training is carried out the human resource manager should be in a position to establish who, how, when, why and where of training.

The main focus of this training analysis is to determine the gap between the knowledge and skills of organization’s workers in conducting its customer service operations and the actual requirements on how the customer service should be conducted. In this case we shall assess the situation of Wal-Mart Organization to determine whether training will be a solution to the prevailing poor customer service. The target group will be the entire workers fraternity and specifically those individuals in the customer care docket. This will be based on the organizational, task and person analysis.

Need assessment

This involves three levels: organizational analysis, task analysis and individual analysis.

Organizational Analysis

Wal-Mart is effective as far as the business line and sales is concern but the customer services part is at stake. The need assessment should be conducted based on the extent of customer dissatisfaction. The cost of the need assessment should not greatly affect the operating cost of the organization. The need assessment should check on the gender cases of the concerned group and their fluency in languages. The need assessment should establish claims on the organization based on welfare of employees.

In addition the assessment will establish the commitment of the organization in fulfilling its desired objectives and goals. The organization has a reputation for convenience, value of money and a variety of products. It has grown extensively and substantially. The organization embraces the use of information technology and a focused strategy on human resource development since it invests money in employee training. The objective of the organization is to cut down cost as much as possible this lead to under staff. The organization also normally under pays their employees so as to cut down on cost. Since the year 1995, the organization has received around sixty complaints concerning violation of the National Labor relations Act from the U.S government.

Task Analysis

Need assessment should establish which of the following topics are demanded by the employees; achievements of the customer service, customer service skills, customer service strategies, handling hostile customers, handling the media, phone power and quality service in the public sector. Out of the choices made by the employees a training plan can draw.

Individual Analysis

The employees working for the organization are quite cranky and mean. They are condescending and unhelpful. Most of them are of the age bracket of 40s and 50s. It therefore calls for questions regarding their knowledge, abilities and skills.


The techniques to be used will be preferably structured questionnaire this will ensure that the employees open up to their grievances and areas of need. The complaints arising from the customers about their dissatisfactions may be a trickledown effect of the dissatisfactions among the employees. Therefore a training conducted on issues concerning customer service may save the organization from the adverse effects of customer complaints.