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A piece of writing, where the writer focuses on compelling the readers to understand and agree to the compiled thoughts is what makes a persuasive essay. Also, in order to make the readers get compelled to agree to the argued point, the writers use various techniques. This is one of the most commonly seen essays. If you have noticed all the type of content used to sell or promote any services or products, you may call them persuasive essay examples. To understand writing a persuasive essay, take a quick look at the sample persuasive essay we have provided below to give you idea about writing your own.

Persuasive Essay example

As a good topic is what's needed to be the first thing to put an impressive persuasive essay together, pick a topic as per your interest and chosen field. This is necessary to help you get a better strength with the topic, because in order to compel the readers you need to be personally convinced about what you are writing.

Here, we have given a persuasive essay example to help you understand how one writes a sample persuasive essay along with persuasive essay outline template.

Keeping Saint Bernard dogs: A great choice for homes with children

It's accepted universally that the pets are a great addition to the households. They not just provide warmth through their presence around, but also perform multiple functions, like being a companion, providing security to the members and property, etc. Those who are looking forward to welcoming a pet dog in the household, but due to presence of young children at home are skeptic about the breed of dog may consider a Saint Bernard.

A Saint Bernard is great to stay with young kids as this breed is considered to be friendly. Being heavy in physique, this dog helps the parents by accompanying their kids around, as the kids won't worry being bullied in presence of this bulky pet.

Not just the physical presence is heavy, but this pet is easy to be maintained. It doesn't demand too much of space inside the house as it isn't very active to break things off around. Being slightly on a slower-side, it succeeds to keep the intruders away but a Saint Bernard could stay in one room for a very long time, requiring less space needs.

Adding further benefits of having a Saint Bernard to the above mentioned example persuasive essay, you may compel the readers to get a Saint Bernard home. If you check out some persuasive essay samples from various sources, you would find that the persuasive essay outline template ideally consists of introduction, main body and conclusion, as in case of most of the other essays. The difference is created by the compelling nature of the content. One thing to keep in mind is that the introduction should have some persuasive essay prompts to hook the readers till the end.