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A reflective essay is used to measure a student’s progress and development in his creative personal writing. As this writing entails personal experiences it is important for the student’s future goals. This type of essay assumes expressing your personal insights. Students are supposed to tell about their experiences in a very comprehensive manner so that the readers could easily catch up and understand the idea you’ve been describing. A reflective essay is one of the unique writings as it is associated with writing portfolios. From the writing portfolios one is able to weigh the student’s development in his/her writing.

Using the writing portfolios your teachers should be able to point out the strengths and weaknesses arising from your writing. The strengths for instance should be noted to show your improvement in your writing. The weaknesses that are noticed by your teachers will be a starting point as to what you need to improve to become better in the future.

Important things to note

Reflective essay is all about your personal experiences, mostly better topics to choose are the ones you are familiar with and most cases have had an experience. As it is mainly your personal opinion that matters take in to consideration the topics to dwell on. Avoid taking up topics that are new to you instead take the ones you feel comfortable, this will be easier when you start to build up ideas when writing.​

It’s writing where you describe yourself for instance a topic such as “My Best Halloween party”, use descriptive language to describe the whole event. Give your audience a description of the best part of the party and what would make you never miss the next coming party. Since you are the one who attended the party the recommended pronoun to use is the first person pronoun. Even with other topics use a consistent pronoun.

Be creative and build on your ideas for your audience to enjoy reading your personal opinions. At the same time, do not let the creativity overwhelm you as the main point of a reflective essay is to prove your academic levels and writing skills.


Reflective essay takes the same way of writing like other academic writings; it is not much different from the rest. Some of the styles to use when formatting your essay include the use of MLA, APA, and Chicago Style. The most common structure used by students when writing reflective essays is provided below.


An Introductory paragraph is always brief. when you want your readers to stay on to your writing make your paragraph short, avoid giving much details but just present few points in a summary like way. This should be a brief preview to your reflection.


This is the element in every writing that is usually the longest. It gives detailed information to your reader. Use the pointers given in your introduction to explain more to the reader for instance you may start by discussing how you have improved as a student through out the course to finally emerge as the best writer. The learning process you have gone through and what you intend to achieve in the future using your skills. Make sure to walk them thoroughly through your experiences and how you reached to where you are. For instance you may want to give them some hard sacrifices you made such as how u wrote 5 reflective essays everyday.


In the last paragraph of your essay, remind of how you have developed as a student. In your conclusion sum up everything since it’s the last part of your writing emphasize what you have in the body and introduction parts.

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