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William Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd president of United States of America (USA). He was born on 19th august 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. He has been living with his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton and their daughter Chelsea in a place called Chappaqua in New York. Bill Clinton has been the president from 1993 to 2001. He was the third youngest president in the history of United States of America. He became the first president after the cold world war. At 46 years old bill Clinton was involved in many activities that greatly improved the economy of United States. Bill Clinton lived with his grandparents in hope, Arkansas after his mother Virginia dell Cassidy went to study nursing in new Orleans and his after had died from an automobile accident three month before he was born. His mother was later married to a man called Roger Clinton and later moved to Hot springs.

Bill says that all she knows of his step father is that he was an alcoholic who severally physically abused his mother. Bill was forced to intervene in these situations since his other step brothers were very young. Bill had also assumed to use his step father name but was forced to adopt it when he was 14 year old. Apart from politics and being a doctor bill Clinton had a passion for music. He even won first chair class in playing saxophone in the states band during his high school days. Bill Clinton won a scholarship and went to study science in foreign countries in Georgetown University where he attained a degree.  He later moved to oxford where he studied politics, philosophy and economics. He entered politics and was employed by the US senator as his aide. He later moved to Yale to study law and this is where she met his wife Hillary Rodham. Since then he has been in politics and even became the president of the United States of America for two terms. During the eight years he served USA he was accused of scandals that has destroyed his political image (Hamilton 62).  

Sex scandal

Gertrude Gennifer flower

Bill Clinton has been severally accused of sex liaison since 1992. Gertrude Gennifer Flower was a model and an actress born in January 1950 and claims to have had a sexual relation with Bill Clinton for almost twelve years. Bill Clinton denied the accusations and said that he is only committed to his wife Hillary Clinton. Gennifer went ahead and held a press conference where she played recorded tapes in their intimate calls with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton denied again and said that the conversation in the recorder may have been doctored and that Gennifer was trying to destroy his public image. Gennifer Flower admitted to a TV show of their sexual relation with bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was so furious and he went ahead to ban the TV show. Richard Bey later attributed to the occurrence of the two events consecutively. In the year 1998 Bill Clinton changed his prior to the accusation while denying the accusations of having a sexual relation with Kathleen and admitted to have had a relationship with Gennifer Flower. He even mentioned his relationship with Gennifer under oath in his autobiography that was released in 2004. Gennifer was contented with the fact that the president admitted that she was not lying when she said they had a relationship. It has never been proven what kind of relation he meant when he said he had a relation with Gennifer. Since then Gennifer stopped spreading her sexual relation with bill Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky’s allegations

Bill was also accused of another sex scandal with 22 years old Monica Lewinsky who was working in the white house. Monica grew in California in a divorced family whereby her father married another woman and her mother remarried to another man. This separation affected Monica’s relation with her parents and also her educational background. She attended her primary education in Sinai Akiba academy in Los Angeles. She went to Beverly Hills high school and graduated for her senior class in pacific hills high school. Monica Lewinsky took a degree in psychology and later graduated in Lewis and Clark College and was hired by Clinton as an intern in the white house.

Monica and Bill Clinton began their secret relationship during his first term. Linda Tripp who was Monica’s co worker started taping their telephone conversation after Monica revealed to her that they had a sexual relation with the president. In January 1998 Linda delivered the conversations she had taped to Kenneth star who was investigating Clinton’s matter on other allegations after Monica had denied that she had a relation with Clinton. Later Monica published several sexual encounters with bill Clinton but Clinton denied them. In 1997 Monica was interviewed by Bill Richardson and was offered a job in the United Nations but she refused. Richardson who was the ambassador of the united nation was asked to interview Monica Lewinsky by the white house after the allegations that claimed that bill Clinton was spending a lot of time with Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton always denied the allegations and avoided the interviews that were severally held by the media to discuss this matter by hiding in her mother’s apartment in waters gate for some few weeks.

In addition to Monica’s incident, bill Clinton had also been sexually assaulting Kathleen Wiley who was also working in the white house. According to Kathleen’s statement, Clinton would meet with her in the oval office where she would embrace her tightly, kissed her in the lips, caress her by fondling her breast while Kathleen held his penis and they would then have sex. When the letters and messages that Kathleen sent to Clinton after assaulting her were released in the white house Clinton denied and Kathleen remained friendly to Clinton. According to Linda Tripp, Kathleen had completely fallen in love with the president because she would attend events that Clinton was present wearing black dress that the president liked. She even asked Linda Tripp what she should do in order to set an assignment for her and the president. When Clinton denied having sexual relation with Kathleen, she exposed his relation to the media. Her story wasn’t seriously dealt with because she had lied to the FBI that she was pregnant for Clinton’s baby but she unfortunately had a miscarriage.     

Paula Corbin Jones

Paula Corbin Jones was residence in Arkansas who accused bill Clinton of sexually harassing her. Paula says that she was harassed in 1991 but kept quiet until 1994 when she read an article on David Brock’s magazine. She gained the confident to expose the president’s extra marital affairs. Her case was dismissed after Paula Jones lacked evidence that would prove Bill Clinton guilty of assaulting her. Paula Jones later withdrew the charges after she was offered $850000 by Bill Clinton.

Paula was divorced by her husband and had two daughters in college who solely depended on her. She asked penthouse magazine if she would pose her nude photos to get money to support her family. She was publicly humiliated and named “trailer park trash” by an author who said that she thought that she was a decent woman who was abused by Clinton but she proved that she was trash. She was later interviewed in a debut show with a lie detector in order to prove if she was telling the truth. She was asked if Bill Clinton had made love to her in a hotel room as she had claimed in her allegations and she said yes. The lie detector determined that she was telling the truth. When the lie detector offered to test bill Clinton to prove his innocence he declined by not responding to the request they offered him. This proved that somehow Paula Jones was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton who was the president by then (Benson 98).  

Perjury is the act of disrespecting the oath by telling and swearing lies under the oath through interviews, writing and other means knowing that it will affect other people. In the United States perjury is considered a serious crime because it can lead to injustice in courts. Bill Clinton was severally accused of perjury in the law courts because of denying having sexual relation outside his wedlock. In the alleged cases of him and Monica Lewinsky, bill Clinton has been lying knowingly in courts and even in press conferences in order to protect his political image. For example he denied the allegations admitted by Gennifer flowers and Monica Lewinsky even though the evidence given out proved that he had sexual relationship with both of them. Monica was asked to define the meaning of sex in court and when Clinton denied the allegations he was found guilty. He was impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. The republicans were not able to muster the two third of the majority required and Bill Clinton was lucky to return to the seat as the president.

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