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Hypothesis: Recidivism among sex offenders along with why sex offenders offend.

In this research a descriptive type of method is more practical to use because of the limited time to conduct study. In this study the researcher will use an accurate, systematic and factual data for reference. In writing descriptive research we use the qualitative research or we conduct an investigation.

In this study we are going to conduct an investigative research, we will use the previous investigation report and article conducted regarding the topic and it will be quoted here.

“What we’re up against is the kind of criminal who, just as soon as he gets out of jail, will immediately commit this crime again at least 90 percent of the time,” a California legislator told the New York Times in 1996.” (taken from the article of Carl Bialik).

Thought the incarceration for sex offender in US has increase every year many of this offender where release by means of probation or parole.

“The criminal justice system manages most convicted sex offenders with some combination of incarceration, community supervision, and specialized treatment (Knopp, Freeman-Longo, and Stevenson, 1992)”.(article: Recidivism of Sex Offenders,May 2001)

Because of the fear by the victims, many of the offence were not reported and this adds to the guts of the offender to commit the same offence. Several researcher also said that residency-restriction laws, driving them out of their community, and leads to a lack of stability are some condition that trigger them to abuse.