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1. How can a company like CarMax, which faces significant challenges during a recession, use the FAME method to communicate with its employees?

Carmax needs to know how to engage and motivate their people and lead them through change. They should know how well to represent their company and when the company faces a challenge they should be at a position to communicate the bad news. They can do this by bringing a clear focus of their business issues and have priorities set by also stating what they want employees to feel, do to help and think. They should paint the picture in an emotional way and pass the message clearly. Those who are senior should lead by example incorporating the right values and right behavior. Leaders should be at a position to listen, facilitate and answer questions when need be.

2. Create a communication policy for Carmax that incorporates all four elements of the FAME method.

Carmax communication with all their stakeholders should be active and should not be weak, but honest and prompt.

Their communication should strengthen the credibility and reputation of the company. Employees should have top priority where they are brought first and foremost.

Communication being a crucial management task should be open, face-to-face. This is because communication is dialogue.

3. What are non-verbal methods by which CarMax sales representative can communicate its commitment to customer service and integrity?

CarMax treats employees in difficult times very well and this is an element of its internal business integrity, a trait that the company exhibits in its dealing in the marketplace and with customer.

4. How would you design a training program to teach communication methods for the sales associates?

Determine what communication training is needed by conducting a business analysis task analysis and the person analysis.

5. CarMax CEO Tom Folliart believes in a process of open, realistically optimistic
communication. How would such a process work when the news is mostly bad?

This would make the company meet new challenges with ease by making sure that anybody associated with the company understand the issue like in the case of Carmax Company.

6. Give a real example of ineffective communication that you have experienced first-hand in an organization. Explain the situation and the impact of the ineffective communication. Provide an alternate communication plan that may have provided a more positive impact.

An example of ineffective communication is an unclear Message given out by failing to clearly give instructions. This makes one to perform a task only to find out later that you were not supposed to do that and you end up redoing the job. Alternatively, both parties should be responsible by making sure the sender sends the message correctly and the recipient repeats the instructions so as to make sure they understand each other.