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If you are wondering about how to write a descriptive essay, you have landed on the right place where we would help you get a complete idea of understanding everything starting from what is a descriptive essay, to the format of writing it. Not just a common format of writing a descriptive essay is what we have put here for you, but we have compiled a set of some sought-after tips that would give your descriptive essay an edge over the rest.

Define Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is as simple to understand as the name itself represents. A descriptive essay is about describing anything under the sun. It completely depends on the topic you have picked, or been assigned by the professor. You describe the visual picture to help the readers understand what you see and understand. Ideally, a descriptive essay is written to give a vivid picture about anything, and is written in a narrative fashion.

Let's see how to write an impressive descriptive essay.

Tips for writing a descriptive essay

  • While starting to write a descriptive essay, do the pre-writing. In this phase, take time to think about the topic that you have chosen, and which you would be describing in your essay. The topic could be anything, from being popular to a very less-known one.
  • As soon as the key theme of the topic is thought about, spend another set of time in writing the primary qualities of the topic. Not just the physical characteristics need to be written about, but feelings or any miscellaneous ideas arising into your mind around the subject. A descriptive essay cannot be complete unless you have made a rough note of everything that stands responsible behind the depiction of your topic.
  • Before writing off, make a rough draft by framing relevant sentences, and clubbing points that look logically connected.
  • Revise the draft by putting points in the most attractive fashion. Put the most appealing and catchy point at the top. Keep the weakest set of descriptive in the middle. The strongest descriptive points should be written at the top as well as the conclusive note.
  • Add hooks to the topic. Descriptive essays are mostly monotonous and less-appealing to its readers due to their nature of simple explanation, hence ensure that you put some interesting phrases, statements from famous personalities, etc. that connect with the topic to catch good amount of readership.
  • Although, an essay could be written on any topic, but to catch good amount of interest from the readers, try to either get an interesting and unusual topic, or frame your topic in such a manner that it looks like adding some significant value to the readers.
  • It's normal to be scared at first about what you have written, but it's always a safe move to show your essay to some friends or others in the peer-group to get some feedback. Getting feedback omits a lot of errors from being published, and gets your descriptive essay writing a good star-rating.