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TOPIC: Time to Watch and No Time to Prepare Food



Key issue:

            All the people know that the frozen food is unhealthy. Therefore, if Schwann’s Home Service sells frozen food the people might not buy it because it is easy to get fast food anywhere. It was an exciting thing to have the way the organization operates and do it for the sake of people who love watching and have no time to prepare the food. I have hereby outlined the advantages and demerits and a solid recommendation on the matter.

Alternative 1:

            Schwann’s Home Service should make their service as tutorial program. Every day, they should put different type of food and they give their customers the recipes and the instruction of how to cook the food. This will enable them to have a better chance as opposed to the organizations that are ready to sell cold food.

            Advantages that are linked to this approach include the clients learning behavior to cooking instead of buying cold food. The customers will learn how to cook, so by the time they will learn how to cook different types of food that are better as opposed to the cold cereals. Secondly, it is advantageous in that the customers can have their food fresh. Nobody wants cold food and when the organization is able to create a cooking food behavior it will kick out the eating of a wintry meal.

            Its disadvantages on the other hand include the multiple of customers who will be lazy to cook, so they might not be interested to this program. This will instead facilitate laziness. There are customers who will on the other hand perceive this program as a time consuming one instead of the one they are used to. Some of the customers might think that this program is waste of time.

Alternative 2:

            Schwann’s Home Service should make the food fresh when the customers make the order. This would facilitate the customers need satisfaction that shall result to a better position of the organization.

            Advantages that are linked to this alternative involves that the customers will get their food fresh. The wish of each of them is to have something fresh and that is not likely to cause complications after consumption. This alternative ability to deliver fresh meals will be a better option for the clients. In addition to this advantage, Schwann’s Home Service will have more customers because people like healthy food. This will enable it to realize reasonable returns from the business that they are operating on and the likeliness of growth shall be rampart in a short while.

Disadvantages associated with this alternative are that the food will take more time because it will be cooked when the customer’s order it and that the Schwann’s Home Service might need more chefs and that will cost them more money on recruitment and salaries as opposed to the current operating chefs.


            My recommendation will be second alternative, because in U.S. it is difficult to find healthy and fresh food. Therefore, the people can get healthy and fresh food from Schwann’s Home Service with reasonable prices. The alternative of ordering meals from the organization is the best option for the solution. This is because it facilitates the watching on television for those who are addicts and no hassle because the food shall be packaged and delivered to the table wherever he or she shall be watching at. In addition, it will facilitate the business needs of Schwann’s Home Service hence leading to its growth and development. This is a symbiotic approach that is beneficial to all the parties hence it stands as the best alternative to the situation at hand.