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The 10 Commandments of a Successful Person

We all admire people who have achieved a high level of success in their personal and professional lives. These may be very famous individuals or they may be friends, relatives, or acquaintances. In general, they “look” like this:

  • They are happy and optimistic
  • They are really comfortable with who they are
  • They exude self-confidence
  • They appreciate humor
  • They can communicate easily with anyone

Now, we also know many people who may be highly successful in one aspect of their lives but not in others. Think of Hollywood stars, for example, who have exceptionally successful careers but whose personal lives are a mess. Can we really call them successful? Or think of the highly successful business person who has great wealth but who is hated by many because of his unethical and/or mean practices.

People who have success in all aspects of their lives live by certain “rules” or commandments that drive how they live, work, and play. And there are 10 of them.

The 10 Commandments

1. I will choose work about which I am passionate.

Successful people have a drive and a willpower that gives them enthusiasm and energy. These things only come from having passion for what they do. They cannot imagine themselves doing anything else for their life’s work whether that is as a gardener, a teacher, or the CEO of a large corporation.

2. I will never stop learning.

Successful people have a curiosity about life in general. Thus the gardener may be watching NOVA and learning about all of the newest discoveries in science; the CEO may want to study landscaping in order to design his own gardens; the teacher may have decided to take up art or mountain climbing on the side. They have as much passion for learning new things as they do for their life’s work.

3. I will connect with people from all walks of life and learn to communicate on many levels.

Successful people do not just stay within their own socioeconomic group. They branch out and want to know and understand all types of people. The CEO may mentor some children from the inner city; the gardener may develop a relationship with his/her wealthy clients; the teacher may volunteer in a homeless shelter or join an organization of wealthy professionals from business fields who are of the same age.

4. I will work on improving myself and never quit.

Successful people are very good at self-assessment, understanding that they do have faults and flaws. They will work to correct those flaws rather than ignore them.

5. I will see possibilities and ask “Why not?”

Successful people will always observe the world around them and see situations and conditions that could be improved. They spend time thinking about changes and solutions and propose these to those who can affect change.

6. I will depend upon myself for my success and happiness and take responsibility for myself.

Successful people know that their happiness and success is not dependent upon what others think of them or what others can do for them. They know that their success is fully up to them. They never claim to be a “victim” of circumstances or of other people.

7. I will remain calm and get some perspective in times of crisis

Successful people accept crises for what they are – problems that need solutions. They look at options and make decisions forcefully but calmly. They tend to ask themselves one important question – “Will this matter 5 years from now?” This gives them the perspective they need.

8. I will live in the “now” and be optimistic about the future.

Successful people do not re-live the past; they do not blame others from the past for their problems or troubles. They know that right now, they have what it takes to accomplish what they want and that their futures are what count.

9. I will respond to others.

When others need communication or assistance, successful people will respond quickly. Whether it is the janitor in the office building or the governor calling, it makes no difference. All people are worthy of a response.

10.I will maintain my integrity above all else.

Successful people have principles that cannot be compromised. These include ethical treatment of others, ethics in business dealings, and ethics in their personal relationships with family and friends. No amount of money or fame is worth compromise of what is right.

So, how do you measure up?