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“Use of genuine Mercedes parts for repairs as opposed to less expensive after-market parts”


The following marketing plan lays foundation as the basis for the introduction of a new line of genuine automobile parts by the Mercedes Benz Company. The analysis permits us to draw round the most excellent strategies to follow for the achievement of the company’s strategic goals. “Genuine Mercedes Benz parts” will be marketed as a distinctive authentic dealer which strives to reinforce the company’s status as the market leader in originality and thriving product launches. Through the marketing plan the company will be enable to attain a market size of an expected over 2,000,000 customers (targeted) with a anticipated sales increase prospect of  4% over the subsequent 4 years, while fulfilling the needs of the still-uncultured market for top-quality automobile genuine and durable parts. Success will be replicated by a considerable confine of market shares inside this market, while purposefully carrying the company up to the peak spot as the chief market head or leader in the genuine Mercedes Benz segment of automobile parts. Export prospective will be well thought-out in United States of America (Adler, & Moss, 2001).


Mercedes is an automaker that is well known as the leading company for crafting motor vehicles that put emphasis on lavishness and refinement. It’s renowned in the world for its multiplicity of car models. Largely Mercedes Benz is very illustrious in the whole world for its diversity of car models. In the year 1886 it crafted the first world’s true inner incineration engine power-driven three wheeler vehicle. In the year 1894, Mercedes Benz manufactured a car known as “Benz Velo’ the world’s first one cylinder and four stroke engine power-driven four wheeler vehicle. In the year 1899, a sports car fanatic dealer Mr. Emil Jellinek of Germany effectively raced the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG) automobile by printing his daughter’s name on the entire test automobile. The name of the daughter was Mercedes which later become the brand name of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft automobiles. The first automobile with the brand name Mercedes were manufactured in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Mercedes 35 hp four wheeler automobile which were manufactured in 1902 turn out to be a significant mile stone in the improvement in the vehicles design. At the same time as focusing on the land cruising automobiles Mercedes Benz also manufactured both military and civil aircraft and boat engines and even airships. From 1920, Mercedes Benz repeatedly started manufacturing limousine automobile models. During that same period Mercedes Benz also in progress manufactured sports car models. Unambiguously for the United State of America market Mercedes Benz initiated manufacturing automobiles for the period of 1950s.  The first Iconic 300SL sports car make was showcased during an automobile show in the New York in 1954, which was manufactured predominantly for the United States of America market. Mercedes Benz made take care of engine cars manufactured that time had been to a certain extent unsuccessful attempt but after that it effectively manufactured comparable category inexpensive and greater volume cars. Recently Mercedes Benz manufactured small 139 hp make car has not been exceedingly doing well in the market. From 1994 Mercedes Benz has been effectively manufacturing condensed city cars alongside with less expensive A-class range automobiles.

Mercedes Benz Motor Sport history: This began in 1894 when Mercedes Benz participated in the first world automobile to race in Paris. From then the automobile motor sport cars production line had been a distinctive feature of Mercedes Benz up to the late 1930. The year 1955 was a tragic year for the Mercedes Benz race car 300 SLR since it collided with a different racing car and killed around 8 people. From then up to the year 1980 Mercedes Benz did not participate in any of the motor sport race, but it returned into the race in 1980 with its model Sauber which has been in the frontline since then.

Mercedes Benz car models history: Mercedes Benz car model manufacture considerably started with the SSK racing car model manufactured in 1928.From then Mercedes Benz has been effectively manufacturing a multiplicity of comfort car models unto the most recent car models like R320 Bluetec, E320 and ML320 Bluetec, GL320 Bluetec, manufactured in the year 2007.

Description of Target Market

Mercedes Benz initial marketing strategy was centered on the luxury, precision engineering of its cars and safety, but owing to swelling rivalry in the comfort car industry and varying consumer attitudes concerning the Mercedes Benz brand the plan has changed. Now their marketing plan is more technologically based and life style leaning and is focused further on presenting the more approachable, energetic and fun loving side of Mercedes Benz. The development of Mercedes Benz’s marketing plan can be openly connected to the spreading out of its target market, which now includes individuals of the age bracket of twenty five to thirty five years as well as its original targets the baby boomers. In order to make available better-quality customer value to its intended market Mercedes Benz has establish the necessity to spread out its product line, offer more cutthroat prices, increase connections with its intended market, maintain user-friendliness to customers, and go on with its outstanding customer service (Hiebing, Hiebing, & Cooper, 2004).

Description of Competitors

Cutthroat Forces; The power of the cutthroat forces in a business determines the extent to which this inflow of outlay occurs and compels the return to the free market level, and thus the capability of firms to maintain above-average income. The five cutthroat forces include entry, bargaining power of buyers, and threat of substitution, rivalry and bargaining power of suppliers among existing competitors. These reflect the information that rivalry in a business goes well ahead of the well-known players. All the five cutthroat forces mutually determine the strength of business competition and prosperity, and the strongest vigor or forces are prevailing and become critical from the point of view of strategy formulation. The bargaining command competition is what fuels Mercedes-Benz on the run, so that it can stay ahead of BMW and others, who are constantly there and at all times frightening their market share. Latest years, however, have seen a swell in the type and number of cars that constantly join the Mercedes-Benz’s long-established niche, with the consequence that the company now battle against its European rivals Jaguar and BMW, as well as alongside new fashionable models of Toyota and Nissan.

Description of Product or Service

Every particular one of our authentic Mercedes Benz parts is subject to the similar thorough standards as each of the Mercedes Benz vehicles that depart from our factory. The know-how cumulated from more than a century of parts and vehicles manufacture is directed into keeping all of the exceptional qualities of your vehicle as integral as possible, from its well-known quality and established standards of safety to its reliable dependability even thousands of millions of kilometers down the line. What’s more, the outstanding durability and excellent value for money presented by our genuine parts makes them number one for cost efficiency too.

In particular distinct manufacturer’s stipulation, all-inclusive checks and all-embracing tests warrant that each and every authentic Mercedes Benz part agrees with the very hard-hitting quality standards and is at all times entirely state of the art. And to make sure that our products stay truly matchless, they are confined with a clearly identifiable hologram packaging which is intended to look after your interests just as much as ours (Elliott, Swartz, & Herbane, 2002).

The sophisticated arrangement of networking that subsists between our worldwide logistic hubs is your assurance that any authentic Mercedes Benz part can be conveyed to your merchant as soon as possible. The set up prices we offer for authentic Mercedes Benz parts also comprise fitting, ensuing in transparent patch up costs which you can compute in advance. This make possible for us to ensure that your automobile continue to be a true Mercedes Benz right down to the most excellent detail and is presently back in action geared up to whisk you unfailingly to your target place at any time.

Even once a Mercedes Benz begins to look old, the greater parts of its essential components are still far too fine to be basically thrown on the scrap stack. In its place, the used components go back to their place of source where they are overhauled by our specialist to make them as excellent as new.

What this means is that the customer get a high-quality authentic part, but save to a great extent 50 percent on the price. And it is with a plain sense of right and wrong that we can put forward these authentic overhauled parts with precisely the same guarantee as new parts. After all, their superiority and functionality are entirely in keeping with the far above the ground standards required by Mercedes Benz.

Regardless of whether it’s an alternator, a water pump or a reconditioned engine, authentic overhauled parts from Mercedes Benz guarantee absolute reliability at an eye-catching price and, not least, also assist the customer do his or her part to conserve the environment.

Incase of older models, old parts and part seconds correspond to a fair equilibrium between quality and cost. Although these components are priced to mirror the worth of the customer’s vehicle, they on the other hand offer an unfailing warranty of sustained mobility. The steadiness of Mercedes Benz parts is not essentially a question of age.

Marketing Budget

Description of Location

The automobile parts will be sold physically through authorized dealers worldwide. Again the company will create an online website. In the website the customers will be in a position at click of a button access the catalog of all the genuine parts and fill an order form. The customer will be able to get the parts as soon as possible at his or her door step. The company will act swiftly to ensure that all the customer needs are attended to as early as possible. The establishment of franchises in different countries is meant to meet the mounting and divergent customer base and in addition provide maintenance and repair services based on the warranty issued on the products. It will minimize the cost of shipping back the automobile to the manufacturer for maintenance. The franchise and online services will also offer advice and information regarding the new models on offer.

Pricing Strategy

To boost its volume of sales and the prevailing stiff competition the company will adopt a competitive pricing strategy. There are a number of competitors in the market selling genuine and after market parts will pose a threat to the products of the company. Normally, customers go for a product in consideration of factors not necessarily price only but others that include quality, durability and compatibility. The company will strive to ensure all the parts are genuine, durable and compatible (Humby, Hunt, & Phillips, 2007).


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