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Research papers give good nightmares to the research students every time the time comes to face them. It is not always necessary to do a complex and tough research. You need to understand the reason behind conducting a research, which would help you frame relevant easy research paper topics by yourself.

Writing any research paper could be very easy if you are able to find (1) a good topic that you are able to enjoy working on, (2) a good hypothesis statement that you are able to get good information about, and, (3) a meaningful inference that ensures some fresh and unique value-add to the already-existing literature in that field of study. If these 3 things could be assured by your research paper, you would be able to do great.

Being a fresh student of research, you need an easy topic for research paper to start off with. For that matter, we have here compiled some field-wise easy research paper topics ideas. You may get some hint from them and make your own hypothesis-statement.

Easy topics for research paper


  • Has the US policy against Al-Qaida strained the situation more? The study of the terrorism increase or decrease after application of the laws against terrorism by US.
  • Iraq after US military taken over has become an eternal war-ground.

Laws against bullying

  • How effective are the laws against bullying?
  • Is there any area of bullying cases ignored by the Federal and State government?

Social media networking

  • Are social websites leading to increase in crime rate?
  • How social networking is causing high suicide cases as compared to the time with lesser of their use.
  • Social websites have assured higher amount of jobs worldwide, breaking the national boundaries in the past.

Athletics in college

  • Is it fair on every student's part to only let the sports-athletes get paid?
  • How is the school athletics promoting sports as a career?


  • The state laws against divorce aren't sufficient to make much difference to curb the number of separations.
  • The average age of divorces has reduced in the past two decades. The marriages used to go longer with less ways given to break them in the earlier period.

Cyber crime

  • How are new technological advancements leading to the cyber-criminals getting smarter? With the new ways to protect the information on internet, new ways to break the security are getting introduced.
  • What are the latest trends in stealing someone's identity?

Eating habits

  • People have become more health conscious in the past one decade.
  • Obesity has caused to a longer chain of defect in the DNA.


  • Is feminism really making huge difference as it was supposed to have made when laid its foundation and principles?

Feminism has caused higher cases of divorces.