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Firstly, I would like to thank you for inquiring about our services of Remote infrastructure Monitoring. In response to your request for proposals for RIM, I am glad to inform you that we are pioneers in RIM set up with more that 1000 valued clients satisfied with our services. Some of our clients include Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, HSBC, NYSE and other famous renowned IT and financial institutions.

Our experience is vast and our solution for remote monitoring is systematic, low cost, highly reliable and robust. We assure you that our solutions and services are best among our competitors with 24 hours helpline, support and troubleshooting whenever and wherever required to ensure the smooth and seamless operations of yours and our network.

The proposal presented by our company is exactly based on your requirements and is designed to serve all the needs of remote monitoring of devices. The details of our solution, its advantages over other solutions in market and software requirements are mentioned in the proposal along with the requirements and changes that will be required from your end for integration of devices.

In case of any inquiries or further correspondence, feel free to contact us with the given details below and we will be glad to help you in the best possible way we can.



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Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

Many companies today have encountered security problems especially with the advancement and progression of technology today. They therefore require an adequate security system that protects the company resources as well as maintaining the company reputation.As you know that the communication industry is progressing by leaps and bounds in the current era and today Dell company has come up with a security system namely Dell RIM that assists companies in maintaining their integrity.

Because of this new computer technology, methods of communication are highly advanced, sophisticated and easily accessible to companies such as yours and at much lower costs. The technological era has made it simpler to access information and digital data in a safer manner using RIM. Cloud computing, the technology to access remote database and servers is also gaining popularity because of its numerous advantages such as mobility, reliability, security, cost and maintenance, it is becoming the most favorable option to maintain database, email and other information on online world.

A literal example is Google, which offers almost complete solutions on Cloud computing. Its ability to save and maintain data on users’ servers which can be accessed anywhere, anytime globally has seen the company create a niche for itself in the technological field. From emails to documents, pictures, search results, websites, blogs, maps, all types of data can be stored on dedicated services, Google provides much needed services to consumers and also has Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is a platform in which users can easily interact with the computer and its programs. With Cloud Computing, it is also becoming quite important and critical to remotely monitor and manage IT devices, servers, remote monitoring devices, backup and processing devices.

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Remote infrastructure monitoring solution offered by Dell company is also based on cloud computing and therefore users of Dell products can create, update, maintain and access their databases and devices virtually anywhere. To further help the user, the RIM set up is web based so it eliminates the cost of installing servers and monitoring devices space requirements, and routine maintenance of the devices. A number of factors make Dell RIM the most promising and favorable remote monitoring option, these include; rapid deployment and centralized monitoring.

Should a user encounter any difficulty while using a dell product, a monitoring agent from Dell Company is immediately sent to fix this problem. The main advantage being that the agent is not required to come to the clients station with any additional hardware or connection requirements and it takes just few days to deploy and start monitoring and repairing the machine, this immediate response to the needs of the client/user is what is referred to as rapid deployment.

Centralized Monitoring of hardware and software processes for faults, problems and timely escalation of issues is another advantage that Dell Company has. The RIM solution also analyzes and monitors performance of applications and hardware such as storage capacity, security information thus making it easier to predict future forecast about the behavior of device. The device’s alarms can be categorized and monitored according to customized options.

Periodic or customized reports such as hardware utilization, login and operational log activities, configurationally changes, intrusion detection, reports can be generated and accessed from online Dell servers. This option makes it easy to track the changes and login details especially for sensitive institutes such as banks, stock markets and other financial services. Dell RIM supports a large number of devices and hardware which in turn mostly use operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC OS. This is made simpler because their software applications, firewalls, routers, switches, database servers and their processes can be monitored easily and seamlessly with RIM.

Since the entire database is usually maintained at Dell Data Centers which have multiple redundancy options for hardware, back up, restore facilities, sophisticated and advanced antivirus options, worms and email attachment scanning facility, the data is secured and with enhanced privacy policies, it is almost impossible to hack into the system and can control devices.

The growing trend of Cloud computing and remote infrastructure management, poses as the most promising option for banks and other financial institutions. Since all these institutions require close integration of their security, privacy policy, branches network and monitoring of devices and bank premises, so Dell RIM can offer the best solution for such type of environment. With RIM technology, there will be no need to dedicated setting up of servers for monitoring of devices and branches operations, transactions, and all the mobility and remote monitoring options without spending heavy costs. The database servers of banks store critical and sensitive information and any intrusion in the system can be of significant threat not only for customers but also for market prestige and repute of the bank. With Dell RIM setup, the management of the bank can monitor access and control the devices as and when required without visiting the specific branch of bank thus not only saving time, cost, but also improved and increased control of the entire network.

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Dell RIM offers low cost solutions and thus charges according to the type and extent of services used. The online data base and storage can be bought at quite low cost rather than purchasing a whole new hardware and getting its storage replaced every year. The RIM setup is intelligently designed keeping in view the current and future requirements of companies and enables companies to view their existing network infrastructure and depending upon the utilization, the future requirements can be predicted using RIM. With RIM network deployed in the banks and financial institutes, it will be quite easy to scrutinize the daily activities and transactions, and most of all, the data sharing and access will be centralized. So there will be no need for company’s CEO or IT head to visit each branch individually for any kind of inspection since it can be done online. The Dell RIM security system is designed intelligently to serve the secure needs of financial organizations with enhanced firewalls, encryption and access control protocols. The customizable policies and procedures can be implemented according to the requirements so that no one can gain access to the devices beyond his privilege and rights.

Dell RIM offers a complete remote monitoring based solution for devices of almost all kinds and requires no hardware of software to bring the network online. It provides centralized access and control of database and secures it with the enhanced security features thus ensuring the safety of devices and data. With Dell RIM installed in major institutions such as banks, the reliability, accessibility, affordability and security of network can be increased with not much added costs. Also with centralized monitoring of devices, the resources deputed on monitoring can be effectively utilized on other tasks and responsibilities. A perfect example of DELL’s success in a banking institution is the Royal Bank of Scotland which was one of the first banking institutions to adopt the Dell RIM and it saw a rise in the number of customers due to ability to offer adequate security. Since then Dell has seen institutions frantically scramble to adopt its RIM service and increase their business.