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Tips for Essay Proofreading

An often underrated part of the essay production process, proofreading can mean the difference between an average-to-good grade and an absolutely superior one.  It is easy to understand that, once all of the hard work is over, you really want to simply submit the piece and move on.  It is also easy to understand that, when authors review and proofread their own works, they miss many errors, whether they are sentences that should be re-worked, commas forgotten, or an important point that lacks clarity.  Sometimes we have been so emotionally involved with our writing that we are unable to step back and perform a truly objective review.

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Steps to Proofread an Essay

  1. Step away from the essay for a time.  Getting mentally occupied with other activities will allow you to gain some distance from your labor and allow a return to it with a fresher perspective.
  2. Read the essay several times and focus only on one aspect of proofreading during each reading. 

    Take a holistic approach at first reading, looking for clarity, coherence fluency, transitions, etc.  Does the entire piece flow well, in a logical and sequential order?  Are the transitions effective?  Does each section and/or sub-section focus on one point?  Do all sections fully relate to your theme or thesis?  Re-read the introduction and conclusion. Have you introduced your thesis in a unique and exciting way?  Does your conclusion do more than just re-state the thesis?

    Another reading should focus on the sentence structure.  Is there enough variety in length and type of sentences?  Is there appropriate antecedent agreement and consistency of verb tenses? 

    Still a third reading should focus on the mechanics (punctuation) and the format style.  If you have any questions about punctuation, consult an expert source.  While spelling and grammar checks on word processing programs are excellent, they do not catch every error and, in some instances, the punctuation suggestions are incorrect.  Check both in-text and end-of-text citations to be certain that they are in concert with the required format

    Reading the content backwards will assist in discovery of spelling errors.

  3. It may help to read your essay aloud.  Engaging two senses – sight and hearing – often will result in a far better analysis of structure, organizational effectiveness, as well as grammar and punctuation issues.
  4. If you are able to find someone else to provide essay proofreading for you, and you trust that individual’s judgment, by all means get a second opinion.

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