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A Process Analysis (“How To”) Essay

Its very crystal clear that we can do some tasks better than we can do others. This is very apparent since some can even transfer this knowledge of performing these tasks to others. One should choose the task that they are perfect in and try and teach the reader how to do it themselves. This is process or task of teaching others what you are perfect in is called process analysis. It’s therefore very critical that we understand some of the basic terms that will be used. A process basically refers to the successive transfer to an end position that starts from a beginning position. An analysis is an in depth looks at a particular thing or process.

Appropriate topic identification. You should begin by choosing an appropriate topic.

  • It’s highly recommended it should always be a task you can do well. It’s an added advantage if this particular task is your hobby or as a job. It can also be something you got in school but you should always be weary of copying those that are already in textbooks. All these should always be from your ideas and life experience.
  • The type of topic you select should be always practical and simplistic in nature. It should be this so as to make it easier for your reader to comprehend it as well as visualize it without much effort. You should neither choose a general topic nor a philosophical one.
  • The categories you choose from should be a few. The most preferable one is just one or even two categories. A good example would be how to prepare your favorite meal. Your choice should be quite adequate in size but not too big at the same time. This is so as to improve its manageability. The main objective of this is to gauge a person’s ability to analyze a process conclusively.

The steps should have a degree of simplicity so as to ensure the readers are able to visualize them quite easily.

  • The writer must ensure that all these steps are independent of each other. One paragraph should fully explain an individual step. This is very important in ensuring that as each reader undertakes to read a new paragraph, their assumption that they are going to go through a new step is confirmed.
  • The process should also be divided in three distinct sections or phases.
  • The first paragraph should contain information of the topic you are going to discuss. It should therefore not delve into the process steps. This background information on the process should help make the reader enlightened on why you find it important. The processes hear should be clearly stated so as not to confuse the reader. The last paragraph like the first should also not contain any points on the process steps. This paragraph should show some positive outlook of the process you took.

Step labeling. You should always avoid labeling the steps such by the use of bullets and numbers when writing your essay.

  • The entire essay should be written in the normal format irrespective of the steps involved in expounding on the process.
  • The steps should be always written in the order that they occur so as the reader can know the order in which they occur. This may be the preparation of a specific product or even how to do a certain task.
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