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The essay “Perfect Provider” can be termed as good. Beginning with the title, it is brief and clear. Readers are attracted by the title and become curious to know what or who is “perfect provider”. The structure, flow, and organization of the essay are perfect throughout. The author had organized this in a systematic manner, in that when you start reading, it drives your curiosity and admires to know what happens next. When I started reading this essay, my attention was caught immediately, at the point when writer said he wanted to “get away from the cable monotony and explore the possibility of satellite television.” I wanted to know what options were there for the writer and how he could go about it. I read the essay several times, and no where it lost its effect.

The theme of the essay was to point out that, satellite televisions are better than local cable television. To some extent, this has been attained, because the writer throughout has emphasized on advantages and good feature associated with satellite television than local cable ones. Thesis statement is good enough, because it points out clearly the theme of the essay, thus reader can easily flow with the writer all through. There is effective transition from one paragraph to another. For example, in the first paragraph, write ends by stating that, he wonders what provider can give television boost he wants and then in the second paragraph he start by mentioning that he have heard about satellite television. This shows a very good transition from one point to the other.

The good transition in this essay allows the reader to flow with it. However, at some level this essay diverts from the core subject, of evaluating advantages of satellite television, and focuses more on how different companies market themselves. This can be corrected by showing how these marketing strategies of these companies, make satellite television better than cable ones. The write emphasize more on satellite television, clearly explaining how they broadcast. These examples depicts out the overall point in the essay. This essay is appropriate to college – level audience, since it has all essential elements of composition; content, structure, and mechanics. It also meets requirements of college level assignments.

In conclusion, we can generally agree that, this essay was a comprehensive one and has addressed the topic wholly, without leaving anything. I have learnt a lot from this essay; from structure to logical organization. I really admire the manner in which the writer applies transition from one paragraph to another in this essay.