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The Writers We Employ

Essay writers you can trustWe employ writers who have proven academic backgrounds. This is because we want to be considered the best of the best in the field of academic assistance. We believe our company has established a track record that proves we have achieved this goal.   Our writers are producing academic works for thousands of students every month, and, in over 99% of these instances, customers are completely satisfied!

Our Hiring and Vetting Process

A writer who is interested in joining our team must prove his/her abilities through a series of tests. Proficiency in the English language is paramount. The Oxford University Press is the creator of standards when it comes to academic writing, and we base our initial test on one of their published textbooks.  Once that ability is proven, our writers must demonstrate that they have mastered the widely accepted citation methodologies. Finally, the writer must provide us with a sample paper. This paper must be approved by our evaluation department, where the standards are exceedingly high.

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Evaluating the Writer's Samples

Our evaluation department looks for proficiencies in the following areas when reviewing the sample works of potential writers:  mastery of grammar, professional use of language, ease of readability, and a writing style that is appropriate to the subject matter and academic level in which they are writing. In addition to this, we expect our writers to display a mastery of the academic subject matter, and they must provide academic credentials in fields in which they wish to produce academic works.

Motivating and Encouraging Growth in Our Writers

We want our writers to improve and grow every day. We also want to ensure our customers that our writers are at the top of their game. We use a periodic review system that involves taking samples of each writer's work and submitting it to a thorough review by an editor. 

Our Writer's Locations of Origin 

We have contracts with freelance writers in a variety of countries. Our writers come from nearly every continent on the planet and include countries such as, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, and the United States. Regardless of their country of origin, each writer must prove they have a mastery of the English language. However, if a prospective customer is only comfortable with using a writer whose first language is English, we will accommodate that request.

Selecting the Best Writer for You

First of all, we narrow down the selection by identifying the writers who are most proficient in the academic subject of the work and credentialed at the academic level of the student.   Then, we consider your individual preferences. This includes the native language request mentioned above (if you have indicated a preference) as well as your right to request a specific writer by number.  Many of our returning clients use the same few writers for all of their orders.  Finally, we look at each potential writer’s workload, because our writers function best when they can give ample attention to each writing project. 


In sum, EssayThinker.com is diligent and careful about selection and assignment of writers to individual orders.  We want each customer to be fully satisfied!

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