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Paper-writing is a very common phenomenon in school as well as in universities and it serves as an important part in post-graduation studies. There can be many types of paper such as essays, research papers, thesis-writing, etc. Students are taught to write essays at a very age and this develops as they go higher up in school. Writing a good essay or a thesis requires much effort and research and a good command over the language it is being written in. There are many reference books, articles and even online papers where such things are taught. Anyone interested can go through them to gather sufficient knowledge. In this new age of technology, when all data is being computerized, institutions, too, have a separate provision to write on paper online and submit them then and there.

Now-a-days college students as well as professionals try to economize their free time by working for online paper

services. This is relaxing as well as fun and also they can earn a little extra money just by sitting at home and working on a computer. To write a paper online, the author just needs to have good writing skills and should be aware of the different writing formats. Even for a complete novice, online writing tutors are available which helps in coaching the person on how to write papers online.   One can also type a paper online for free in order to help a friend or to submit a sample of his writing.

However, online papers does not always mean for economic gains.

One may simple need to type a paper online because of the convenience of saving it in the virtual memory. For writing papers online, the easiest way is to write via docs.google.com.  Zoho.com is also a popular site to write papers online. Online papers are very common in this technologically advanced world where even typing at home and mailing has begun to become obsolete. Most companies or institutions prefer workers or students to submit a paper online after typing it online. This ensures time saving and faster work.

Another area which is gaining fast popularity is online technical writing. Technical writing is a form of communication which is used in a variety of technical and occupational fields like computer hardware, software engineering, and chemistry. Robotics, biotechnology, finance, etc. Technical writing can be used to explain how something works, or the functioning of an electronic devise, medical procedures or even explain communication through electronic means such as social networking sites, e-mails, web pages, etc. People are often required to write technical papers online for companies or even customers as and when needed.

Online writing pieces also include book summaries or review of a piece of writing. A book summary is a very brief version of any novel by accredited authors. Usually they are a few pages long or even a short paragraph depending upon the requirements of the source which needs it. For writing a book summary, one needs to follow a definite outline which can be done pictorially by graphic organisers or even by jotting down the points. However, to write a book summary, on e needs to read the book thoroughly and then form opinions about it. Though it is advised to read other summaries on the same book, it is definitely not recommended to copy the same thing as that gets branded as plagiarism and mere reproduction of statements. Many people especially those interested in literature take up assignments to write book summaries.  This is also a good way of earning by working from home. One is allotted a few books, which he has to summarize within a specific word limit. By writing book summaries online, one can gain in multiple ways. Firstly, it is a source of side income. Secondly, one comes to know about the book which is added information. Thirdly, he can search ways of improving his format and become an expert in the field. Also, by an increase in his works, he becomes recognized in the virtual world which is like a positive advertisement (that too, free of cost!).

Since the advent of the internet, online writing has increased multi-fold and in leaps and bounds, facilitating the writer as well as the reader. One can access millions of articles online with just a click of the mouse. Academic papers and non-academic papers are found alike. English papers, grammar papers, science papers, political papers, papers on law, statistics papers, mathematics papers, and psychology papers online and so on can be read online or even downloaded for future reference. Movie reviews, book reviews, album reviews, song reviews are all available on the internet in various sites.

Usually no formal degree is required to write online papers and what is asked is mainly a sample of one's previous writing. The payment is done according to the credibility of the author.

Since online paper writing is less time-consuming and advantageous, many young college-goers are adopting it as a side profession, where the money is adequate and instant. People, who are interested, can search and find out a paper to write on online for a specific amount of money. He can do it as a part-time or as a full-time job as per his wishes. There is no signing of formal contracts or physical submission of the paper, which makes it even more fascinating to the people.