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Net-Translators is a full-service translation agency that gives a breadth of options, ranging from traditional language translation to localization options and international search engine optimization (Search engine optimisation). The organization translation service specializes in high-tech translation and the localization of technologies goods, such as application and health-related devices.

In our tests of Net-Translators translation services, the company delivered exceptional service and 100 % accuracy. Prices were a small high and quotes were a little slow, but Net-Translator offered worth for our time and cash. It was the only company that pointed out a grammatical error in our original Spanish document and offered to fix it, even prior to translating the document into English.

Net-Translators provides comprehensive translation and localization solutions in far more than 60 languages, which is on the low finish compared to the other translation agencies we reviewed. The service specializes in higher-tech projects, like software program localization, which comprises adapting application and all associated documentation to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a foreign target market place.

Medical translation is one more field of knowledge for Net-Translators. Countries about the planet all need to have language-proper documentation for healthcare devices, clinical trials and pharmaceuticals. Net-translators has the needed resources to accurately translate these along with medical device manuals, analysis reports, patent documentation and much more.

Like all of the translation solutions on our lineup, Net-Translators can provide certified translations of official documents, such as birth, marriage or divorce certificates. The translation company also operates in a number of particular industries, such as financial, legal (which includes patents), marketing and advertising, healthcare, technical and biotechnology.

Net-Translators utilizes translation memory technologies. Translation memory is a linguistic database or application that captures translation sentences or snippets to assist human translators. The objective is to boost the efficiency and speed of translations and to assist reduced the overall price of a translation. This agency also employs an in-property lab where projects undergo extensive linguistic, cosmetic and functional testing. Localization testing is critical, as it permits you to recognize and appropriate any technical or contextual issues just before your item is officially deployed in the new target industry.

Net-Translators maintains a quantity of sector certifications and top quality assurance procedures. The translation service is compliant with the high quality management requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO), keeping an ISO 9001 certification. Net-Translators is certified beneath EN-15038, a European high quality standard particularly for translation service providers. In addition, it holds medically specialized ISO 13485 certification. The company is also compliant with the standards of the Localization Sector Standards Association (LISA). Whilst LISA officially closed in 2011, its portfolio of standards is still in use.

As a client, you receive customized help from a multilingual project manager whose area of expertise is relevant to your type of translation project. You can get in touch with your project manager as properly as track the progress of your translations via the on-line buyer portal on the Net-Translators internet site.
Net-Translators Summary:9.three/10
Net-Translators offers efficient and effective translation solutions that are both technically accurate and culturally on target. This expertise is backed by the most stringent accreditation and certification on our lineup.