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Narrative essay writing is a wide field that you can explore for a long as you live. You have the freedom to choose any topic that you want. Anything that encourages curiosity or challenges your imagination forms a good basis for your narrative writing. To make sure that you have addressed your narrative essay topics you must understand it first and if possible portion enough time to develop ideas and to ponder about it. It requires creativity to bring your message home. That way the greatest part of your assignment becomes addressed and you are sure to move a crowd with it.

Narratives take a personal perspective where you write down about a certain event which most if the times are non-fictional. Your facilitator expects you to use all the figures of speech, imagery and proper word choices that you know. You are guided by the topic of the narrative you are writing. Many of the personal narratives that you write top your high school, college and any other education based institution around you. It doesn’t discriminate on the level that you are in. It forms a very good piece for testing your capability to think imaginatively and creatively. The topics that you write about vary from one type of audience to another.

There are many topics that you can read about for your narrative essays.

You can choose the topics that interests you as a narrative writer or your facilitator can give you the topic that they feel fits you scope and knowledge well. Remember that you should not digress from what a personal narrative constitutes. It doesn’t matter whether it is a class assignment or a competition you are in. You write everything about you or any events that you took part in or witnessed with your own eyes. That is why the rule of personal narratives being non-fictional always stands. Make sure that the content suits the topic you have chosen and the audience you are set to address with that narrative.

Another thing that concerns your narrative essays is the subject matter that you write about. Make sure that you choose a subject or a field that you arouse your interests and stick to it. You are in a better position to write elaborative on a world that you know personally other than something different that you have never even read about. The interest you have in the subject matter will be evident throughout your excerpt. You audience will easily notice whether you enjoyed writing about the topic or you struggled. Be careful with what you choose to write about.

There must be connection in what you are writing. It becomes easier to deal with a topic you have enough information for. Don’t expect to write about military whilst you don’t even know how they are trained the modus operandi of the military. Don’t choose a topic that requires you to have a general knowledge also because you will struggle to put the format together. Otherwise you will have questions to answer or become punished by getting poor marks if the work is part of your class assignment. When you are given a difficult topic, work your way around it by using a familiar experience or come up with a personal way of tackling it. However, when given a choice, pick a narrative essay topic that flows naturally. That way you save yourself from a lot of complications and trouble when writing. Some of the narrative essay topics you can use include;

Narrative Essay Topics

  • My Favourite Meal
  • When I Got Lost
  • My Best Moment
  • My life in college
  • If I Could Turn Back Time
  • Reasons Why I Love My Mother
  • My Life In Crime
  • Where Did Daddy Love Go?
  • Me And My Brother
  • My Favourite TV Program 
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