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Considering that space exploration started in the second part of the 20th century has become the sphere of fruitful international cooperation, of joint efforts aimed at providing a safer and more prosperous future for the whole of mankind

Recalling that the Outer Space Treaty, with 98 countries being state-parties to it in 2008, is the basis for the legal framework that envisages activities to be performed in space

Further recalling that Malaysia is a state-party to the Outer Space Treaty and bears its responsibilities as well as is entitled to supervise, as a responsible state player, “the activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies”

Committed to taking a strong stand as a new space-exploring nation, and focusing on the aspects of providing a sustainable development of outer space as a great resource of the mankind, particularly using space exploration to predict the natural disasters, provide better and safer rescue and emergency operations worldwide, sustaining and developing the agricultural and other natural resources, enhancing the efforts and results in the spheres of environmental preservation and wildlife conservation

Realizing that different UN documents and treaties ban the placement of any weapons of mass destruction in outer space, govern the rescue of astronauts, the return of space objects launched into space, and the liability for damage done by the objects launched into space and also willing to maintain the position of Malaysia on these significant aspects

Aspiring to act as an intermediary in bilateral and multilateral treaties and initiatives, using existing documents on space security and facilitating the development of new ones, seeing them as an important diplomatic tool

Reaffirming that Malaysia is capable of making its own contribution to developing space as an infinite resource and important strategic sector in the present-day world with its cutting-edge communication technologies and current means of communications, monitoring and managing different systems related both to military strategic control, combat operations and the preservation of our environment or mankind’s daily needs

Noting that space confidence building calls for joint actions in addressing the problems associated with current utilization of space and its implications for the future generations including maintaining the near-Earth space free of space debris

Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA), on behalf of the people of Malaysia, states its goals and responsibilities in the sphere of space policies and undertakes:

  • To develop the vision and targets of Malaysian space activities in the future;
  • To provide the strategic context for investing in space exploration in such a manner that it would enhance the economic and social development of the country in line with securing the nation’s higher social and well-being standards;
  • To assist the government in developing and implementing the National Space Fundamentals.

With this in view, one of Malaysia’s recent initiatives in space exploration program was the foundation of Malaysia Space Centre in 2004. The construction of the Mission Operation Center was the first phase of the program. The Center controls the satellite operations and communicates with satellites that have been put into lower and middle space orbits. The provision of international access to tracking, command and control of satellites strengthens Malaysia’s positions making it a more important player in space confidence building.

Committed to the goals specified in the Preamble Malaysia further develops the program of National Space Challenge that focuses on developing the understanding and knowledge of space starting from students of primary schools. Malaysia has taken decisive steps in developing its space policies seeing space exploration as the means for enhancing the national science and technology, improving the educational standards and the nation’s living standards due to providing a safer environment, developing new products and using the new materials (for example, fire-resistant), tools of the type of innovative medical devices and cutting-edge technologies implemented in space exploration. Thus the space programs and policies will contribute to the important aspects of national progress and prosperity.