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The story questions the essence of love. Whether it is subject to human morale rules? Whether it justifies actions made in the name of love.

Jane spent a night with Tom in order to get to her beloved Harry. Jane was aware of the moral outcome of her actions but she considered that her love to Harry would justify her adultery. Jane’s love was irrational. Hence, love was on the first place for Jane as she managed to overcome her fears of condemnation. Nevertheless, Harry may be considered to be a cold hearted man. He did not separate love from the moral norms which were a part of social rules. Consequently, he did not look at love as something relating only to two people but as a feeling existing according to social rules. Harry’s love was rational and he did not manage to overcome outer obstacles in order to obtain his beloved.

Perhaps, it would be incorrect to argue that Jane’s love is true while Harry’s love is not as this outcomes from my own subjective understanding of love. The true love may be between and above these points. The situation described in the story shows that love may be only subjective and may not be defined. Everyone understands love in different way. Consequently, only people who understand it in the same way and are similar to one another may be happy. If Harry treated love as Jane then he would understand her and value her presence despite the past. They would be happy. If Jane understood love in the same way as Harry then she would refrain from Tom’s proposal. Certainly, separation would make them unhappy but they would have at least a hope for future happiness. Unfortunately, we may not simply disclose the soul of other people and shall reveal it in the course of life obstacles.

Hence, “Love across the river” is a story about the collision of two different people. It is painful for both of them and challenges the integrity of their mindset and “heartset”. Unfortunately, people rarely change their “self” to get love.