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Dear Richard Burr!

The main reason for writing this letter is the global problem of poising the world drinking water sources with CO2 .As You probably know, currently new carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies are introduced into the practice without additional laboratory testing. CCS technologies allow capturing and compressing CO2 and its placing far below the Earth’s surface for long-term storage. In such manner the pollution level in the manufactures: factories and plants is reduced.

The other side of this disputable question is that this program is that in majority of cases the water aquifers are poisoned with CO2 leakage and bubbling up. The laboratory tests and analysis have shown the negative impact of CO2 bubble up on the drinking water quality and its eatability. That is why, according to the numerous independent laboratory testing, it is necessary to carry out the additional discussion of the program safeness and its correction on state level.

To my opinion the best solution of the problem, which would make positive impact both on the greenhouse effect prevention and clean drinking water saving, is additional discussions, related to these two ecological problems and also correction of the CCS technologies in accordance with drinking water saving programs. To my opinion, such pollution probability (or existing one) should be constantly monitored and controlled and the governmental support is needed for that purpose.

It is obvious that the ecological problems are the hardest and the most durable to solve, but still the actions should be carried out immediately in order to save our planet and human population.

The main aim of this letter is asking You for support- administrative source and financial assistance.

The environment protection program needs your direct intervention and financial support. Our laboratory needs to be additionally equipped in all points of CO2 injections. That will allow us to have the constant control over the situation and its planned improvement.

Hope for Your support and assistance,

Kindest regards