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How the book “quite strength; the principles, practices, & priorities of a winning life” inspired me

As a lover of American football, I decided to purchase Tony Dungy’s book “quite strength; the principles, practices, & priorities of a winning life” which is based on the authors career as football coach. The climax of Tony dungy as a football coach occurred in 2007 when he won the Super Bowl XLI after leading the Indianapolis Colts to victory and became the first African-American coach to do so. In this book Tony Dungy explains how he maintained his faith and belief even through difficult times as father, husband and a football coach. The book has a fine blend of humour with detailed narratives of the football game that keeps the reader genuinely interested. Even after experiencing adversities in his career such as the loss of his son before Christmas in the year 2005, Tony was able to remain focused and perform his possible best.

The Author has posed philosophical questions which provoke the reader to dig deep into himself and challenge his thoughts as he reads the book. Personally I realised that I had not been consistent in following my beliefs and faith in my day to day life. The book challenges the reader to always give his best in whatever he does even when experiencing disappointing events. The author notes that true success cannot be measured through lengthy resumes, trophies, wins or losses. However, true success is best measured by the number of people we have influenced and changed positively. I have read the book severally because it is very inspirational and encouraging. I have also applied most of his recommendations as I carry on with my life.


Dungy T., & Whitaker N. (2008). Quiet Strength: the Principles Practices, & Priorities of a winning life. Pennsylvania: Tyndale House publishers.