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Insecurities and acceptance are two different issues that can be closely related at times. The two issues are approached differently considering the diversity of people but the mutual understanding between them is what relates the two factors. The insecurities in one’s life may tend to command the actions taken by the individual.  This is quite dangerous as the individual’s life will be based around his insecurities. Acceptance on the other hand is an issue that several people deal with but could also lead to the insecurities of an individual.  In reflex to Judy Ruiz context regarding oranges and sweet sister boy, both factors present themselves clearly and one may easily relate to the characters.

I do not tend to look at the issue of insecurity from other people’s perspectives but from my own as well.  The feeling of satisfaction is what guarantees one’s securities in life and this is generated from the surrounding environment. If this is not achieved then one might result to making important decisions in his life.  However, just because the decisions are important it does not necessarily mean they are correct.  The issue of insecurity will often lead to major decision making situations, which may have a big impact on the life of the individual.  This clearly stands out in Ruiz’s story where the narrator’s brother feels insignificant when compared to the sister (Ruiz par.4).  This makes him develop insecurities that eventually make him make drastic decisions concerning his life.  The same situation applies in most people’s lives but I feel the best way to approach the situation is through constant communication.

Through constant communication then maybe the issue of insecurity may be dealt with through acceptance of the individual.  A person who is insecure is most probably searching for acceptance from his surrounding environment.  The need for one to feel accepted in the community may appear to be selfish a times.  This might not be the case for some individuals but if the situation is looked at closely, then the issue of acceptance may be traced back to some personal issues.  The narrator’s brother in Ruiz’s story feels his gender might be the problem and if changed then he will get the acceptance he strives for from his family.

Constantly reflecting on the two issues, it is in my understanding that many individuals go through the phase of insecurity without getting any help.  The problem of insecurities may be traced back to personal problems in the childhood or current life of the individual (Ruiz 2). This may be discussed at a personal level since the insecurities that I bear in life are mainly connected to my childhood.  The fact hat I do not discuss the issue with the people closely related to me has made me more insecure.  However, constant communication has been proven to be the main key in dealing with the issue.  This way, the issue can be shared and the decision making process will be much easier for the individual.  In other cases the problem can be easily solved and the need of making drastic changes will not exist any more.


In broad spectrum the issue of insecurity is closely related to that of need of acceptance in the community. The fact that the narrator’s brother in Ruiz’s story went ahead to get a gender change operation proves how far the problem can make one go.  The decision was made the individual as he was aware of what he wanted.  However, he was not sure whether it is what his family wanted of him and this might develop more problems for him. Therefore, constant communication may produce better results than what was initially expected.

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