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People nowadays venture into essay writing for different reasons. There are those who want to exercise their skill in creative and imaginative writing, to others is a hobby while for students is it purely for academic purpose. Students are the most active group of all that is into essay writing. People also write to get knowledge because of the information they search from books and other reading materials in efforts to address the essay topic they have been given. It becomes very enjoyable to write especially when you are doing it during your free time. Essay writing forms a good activity to spend your time wisely.​

As a writer you have to choose topics.

The informative essay topics require you to put together factual information. It doesn’t have room for any fictional idea you may think of. It gives you the freedom to choose your own style of writing as you write more and more. It is not hard for a beginner to lay down facts for the informative essay they have been given. You only struggle in the beginning but when you work your around and get the basic it becomes easy to handle any topic that comes your way.

A good informative essay is built on good research. You do a thorough research to come up with facts that are authentic and accurate. Cooking your own data spoils the content of your informative essay. Once you have found the correct information from your research, you are then set to arrange the ideas in a defined logical and sequential order. Be sure to use the facts in a creatively way and because you are free to choose your own style of writing, using humour and suspense spices the piece up. You justify the time you have spent on research.

The beauty of informative essays is the wealth of topics you can choose from. There are so many subjects that you can research and write on in your essays. Choose a subject that feeds your interest and capitalize on it. You will inject all the energy into it and that will be evident in the final copy you present to your audience. The best topics that you can use in your essays may include.

The following are some of the topics you can choose from. They are organized under their respective subjects;

  • History
  • Biographies
  • Sports
  • Business and Finance


This field is vast. It doesn’t catch the imagination of everyone but you have every reason to seek information on history. Describing history doesn’t require so many facts but what relay happened. The essays on history should not be biased in any way.

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  • Cold War,
  • Principles of Nazism,
  • World War 1 and 2.
  • How the Great Wall of China Was Built
  • The Era of Abraham Lincoln


They are very easy to write on. You choose the person you want to write about. This kind of essay compels you to include a chronology of events from when the person was born, how they got educated, their working life and achievements made to the present time. It would be interesting to write about;

  • Who Is Oprah Winfrey
  • The Life of Nelson Mandela
  • Isaac Newton the Scientist


Informative essays topic on sports are not only vast but also very detailed which means you would never ran out of ideas at any one time. Just pick a game and explain how it played, the rules of the game; how the winner is determined and its place in the current world. You may also include the sports figures that play this kind of sport.

  • Women Cricket
  • FIFA World Cup
  • The History of Tennis
  • Best Olympics Players

Business and Finance

If the world of money and transactions interests you, pick the following topics;

  • How World Bank Operates
  • Foreign Exchange
  • The Merchant of all times

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