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Discuss the current immigration law(s) that now affect your SLP organization (federal law and state laws, if applicable).

In my organization the laws that are set help in maintaining our status. For instance the federal laws like an immigrant must possess all the requirements such us work permit and social security details which contain the flooding of illegal immigrants to offer cheap services. Through the introduction of new state laws governing the immigration and employment requirements there is security of jobs and safety of employees from employer’s exploitation. (Loyola, 2010).

What is E-Verify and is it used in any of your SLP organization’s locations?

According to Loyola (2010), E-Verify is a program used by the employers whereby web portal is used in verifying details of an applicant who seeks a job in that the names of the applicant must matches the number in social security identity. It s mostly used in my organization as the form of identification and also when seeking for a job.

How does the Arizona state law compare and contrast with the federal government’s approach to illegal immigration?

While the federal states focuses on police powers in Arizona the police powers and laws distracts the attention whereby Arizona’s way of dealing with illegal immigration should be nation’s model by adapting to E-Verify universally and it is a mandate for each and every employer. In many cases it has advantages as compared to federal states in that it is easier to identify an employee and also contains the illegal immigration by the use of E-Verify. Nonetheless it faces difficulty when it comes to identity theft and the issue complicates making the risk and cost of illegal immigrants prohibitive (Loyola, 2010).

What are HRM’s responsibilities in your SLP organization to hire applicants who are legally authorized to work in the U.S.?

In my organization the HRMs responsibility is to maintain the employers and employees equilibrium by balancing it to meet both their needs and goals through its general functions of evaluating, planning and implementing of human resource regulation and policies (Beer, 1985). .

What is their role if they discover a new hire is illegally seeking work?

When they discover a hire illegally seeking a job there is application of related laws by penalizing the law violator.

Discuss details of HRM’s role in the process.

Human resource management (HRM) helps in improving employees work life and also deals with their compliance to the laws that are related to the employment. In such a situation it comes in to favor the immigrants from the aliens whereby it ensures there is no exploitation from employers who take advantage by employing illegal immigrants for cheap labor thus humiliating them. Through its role in encompassing and promoting development and satisfaction in employees it ensures the employment laws are abide by the employers and penalties subjection to the violators (Beer, 1985). .

What are the current penalties for employers who employ immigrants who are not authorized to work in the U.S.?

It is unlawful to recruit, hire refer immigrants’ for fee in America when the employer knows that it is unauthorized for the aliens to work in United States. In U.S employers who harbor illegal immigrants and employs them may take an action whereby even after knowing their illegal status the employer went ahead and hire them using false documents and also altering records, some go ahead to obstruct INS inspections and using other ways that facilitate aliens violates the laws and it is a felony in establishing a business enterprise with the aim of avoiding the immigration law in America is imprisoned for 5 years or fined (Loyola, 2010). Also employers who are aiding or abet on the preparation of the false levy returns whereby they fail to pay income or even social security dues for the illegal immigrants who are his employees or try to make payments by the use of false names and numbers belonging to social security are subjected to IRS civil and criminal sanctions.

What are the current penalties for the illegal immigrants?

The illegal immigrants are most of the time deported back to their countries. In some cases the alien may be jailed if found violating the laws and even fined or both. Also some of the aliens after being deported they find their way back to the country, these illegal immigrants are charged with reentry and under the relevant statutes of the federal such illegal immigrants are subject to tough penalties mostly hefty fines or two years imprisonment or the combination of the two (Loyola, 2010).


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