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Human Growth and Development

People who want to be successful in the life should have a healthy level of self-esteem. Do you want to change your fortune? Start with yourself. The development of self-esteem of young children is greatly influenced by parents, especially by their behavior and their attitude to the children and the whole world. With parental support young children can overcome any failure and any success can encourage their growing self-esteem. However, only the foundation of self-esteem is built in the childhood. Older children’s experiences outside the home become incredibly important in determining their self-esteem. Schools can influence their students’ self-esteem through the attitudes they foster toward competition and diversity and their recognition of achievement in study, sports, and the arts. Friendships have assumed a central role in a teenager’s life. The more time school-age youngsters spend with their friends, the less time they interact with their parents. On the other hand, it takes them much less time for doing homework, watching television, or playing alone. In adolescence social acceptance by a child’s peer group plays a major role in developing and maintaining self-esteem. Fitting in with their peers, relationships with the opposite sex are the main sources of confidence and insecurity. The entity of self-esteem is formed in adolescence and during the whole adulthood. That’s why it is very important to develop teenager’s self-esteem at this tough period if life. As for the self-esteem of younger children it is obvious to blame parents for low self confidence of their children. Critical and strict parents can do a lot of harm to the growing personality of their children. In adolescence some other factors such as critical teachers, not fitting with other children must be considered. Furthermore, teenagers can start to loose faith in themselves. A habit of interpreting every failure as evidence is developed fast. Unfortunately, self-esteem of teenagers is often lowered by social groups in high schools. If you lack self -respect in adolescence, you will grow into an adult with low self -confidence. Children with a low level of self confidence turn into aggressive and arrogant grown-ups. Overconfidence should be taken seriously either. If you are overconfident, you don’t assess the situation properly. As a result, you are not ready to possible failures. If you are overconfident, you don’t pay much attention to existing relationships. But real relationships require definite efforts and participation. If you don’t do any effort, you can lose your real friends as a result. Overconfidence leads to the feeling of superiority in comparison with other people. Such kind of person may think that he always win and he always right. And failure is like a disaster for overconfident people. What is more, overconfidence is hidden low self-esteem.

There are some ideas for promoting self-esteem. It is important to make daily notes about your every-day activity to assess your personal progress, to analyze failures, to think over the ways to cope with them. A person is a combination of positive and negative features of character. Concentrate your attention on the positive ones. Use these positives in your relationships with other people. Our life is full of small and great successes. Drawing was your passion in your childhood. Last party was great because of games created by you. Your girlfriend took her breath away from your romantic gift. So it is worth to experience more successes in the near future. Don’t be afraid to learn some new things every day. You can take up photography and do your best to succeed at this field. Accept yourself as unique personality. Nobody is perfect. But everyone has the chance to become better than he uses to be. Search for friendly and positive surrounding. First of all, it is related to people you deal with. Your mistakes shouldn’t bother you so much. You are gifted enough to learn from mistakes. They must teach you not to do them any more and nothing else. Do you enjoy listening to music? Even favorite music can help you feel better and keep up your spirit.