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A Step By Step Process for Writing an Essay

Essay definition. The first step a person should always undertake when writing an essay should always be defining the essay’s context. This simply refers to its scope. This refers to a couple of parameters that may include the topic of the essay, the essay’s format and also the perceived audience. In the writing of any essay that delves in the discussion of particular topics it’s very important for one to carry out all the necessary research. It’s highly advised that the sources of your research should be familiar with your teacher. Is also highly advisable that you look for previously written essays so as to have a basic idea of all the arguments that these essays brought forth.

Do your research to get evidence for your argument

            You should always strive to write a unique essay. This can be accomplished by using your original ideas rather than those you may have come across during the course of your research. This can be done by:

  • Jotting down all your ideas on a piece of paper.
  • Then embark on going through each of them. At this point, you should also be open for new ideas that may spring up in your head at anytime. These ideas should also be highly considered.

Pick your thesis statement

This is done by selecting about three of the weightiest ideas. The writer should from these look for compelling evidence to support these findings.

  • The thesis statement one should always write should be able to clearly spell out in a summarized manner these ideas.
  • The statement is much focused and is a compilation of the topic of that particular essay as well as the requisite plans you are going to bring forth.
  • When planning the essay, you should take time to compile these ideas and plans. These should be in an outline. The ideas should be then organized together with their respective plans.

Write the body of your essay

At this point, one should be weary of writing a lot of pages of text. One should use the standards of length that your teacher gave. This should be the point where each student should exercise their writing spirit in how they are able to articulate their ideas. For this reason, these students should avoid some of the most common mistakes made by most of their counterparts such as using generalization statements.

  • The use of personal pronouns should also be avoided at all costs. These are common in ensuring that all these statements are authoritative enough.
  • The title you choose for your essay should be a very important factor for you to consider in the writing of an essay. This is because these are the main attractions for your readers to have an interest in your particular essay.

Concluding your essay        

This should be the summary of all points. A writer should also strive to ensure that the essay can be viewed in a larger picture. This should be the concluding part. Some of the most outstanding questions that that particular essay should also be clearly answered at this point.

Part Two; Revising your essay

  • It’s highly recommended for one to go through your essay like a day after the finally completing it. Here you should check for all errors made.
  • The correction of errors should be the next step you under for take. Here you should look carefully spelling, punctuations as well as grammatical errors. All words that constantly repeat themselves should be subsequently cleared. The flow of that particular essay should be emphasized.
  • Any additional information that does not directly relate to the essay should also be cleared.
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