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Advancement in technology has led to discovery of social network sites such as face book, twitter, and LinkedIn. These networks have brought people together as an online community. in some of their business activities, companies have leveraged these social networking sites in various ways.

Ways in which companies leverage social networking sites

A company can leverage the social networking sites in various ways. One way is by connecting people with each other. The social network sites help professionals to get in touch with each other and create business relations. This happens where the professionals leave their contacts on their profiles. These sites also connect people from different companies in a direct or indirect way. For example, a certain colleague may be having a friend and at company X, who knows the manager of company Y. the two can therefore get connected and this may continue until one company gets connected with others in the world.

Companies can also use social network sites for internal connection. This is done by creating internal groups where information can be shared. This can also lead to strengthening of personal and working relationships and can help individual to realize their targets within and without the organization. Most large companies may have a large pool of valuable talents that have not been realized. Social networks can help them to find the right people with the abilities required for a certain task. The connections also help the employees to feel part of the company. This is because some may be having problems communicating with the authorities but they can do so through the social sites.

Companies can also leverage the social network sites by connecting with their consumers. Companies can use the social networks to create a pool of consumers for their certain brands. Most of the well-liked brands have built online communities of consumers through these social network sites.


The social network sites have been of very great use to companies and business people. They have joined people with common interests in business and who can be of help to each other.