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Executive Summary

During the last 30 years, the analysis of the tourism destination image has increasingly gained relevance in the academic literature. The perspectives with which the tourism image is analyzed are diverse and multidisciplinary. One of the elements that has been paid more attention is the study of the capacity of the tourism image to influence the destination selection process

Traveling is an essential part of our daily life. A person spends a big part of his income on traveling. A large number of peoples have an immense alacrity to travel because those people always want to see new and diversified things in their life, while some people travel to spend their holiday effectively as the holiday provides satisfaction to the tourist and traveling gives him an opportunity to best utilize his holidays through extensive traveling.

Travel and tourism industry has a leading position in many countries mainly due to its ability to create surplus for the economy. Travel and Tourism industry is counted as one of the most important resource of income and foreign exchange. Travel and Tourism business mainly emphasizes to attract the foreigners. Malaysia and Switzerland are two of those countries which have been count as the first priority of any foreigner from a number of years because of their natural beauties. Study reveals that Switzerland and Malaysia are not the only countries which are on the hit list of the foreigners but England is also among them because of its natural beauty and attracting sceneries. In the field of tourism, there is another name comes into front which is the name of Hospitality management. The main prospective of this study is to jot down regarding the hospitality management stance. Actually we have to consider our self as a hospitality manager and have to pen down the interesting strategies which we will implement while our job.

What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management is the academic reading of the hospitality diligence. A grade in Hospitality management is often conferred from both a university drill fanatical to the studies of hospitality management or an affair school with a department in hospitality management studies. Degrees in hospitality management may also be termed lodge management, hotel and tourism management, or hotel administration. Degrees conferred in this academic province involve Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelors of Science, Masters of Science, MBA, and Doctorate of Philosophy. Hospitality management studies provides a focus on management of hospitality operations counting hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, country clubs, and related industries. Several large hospitality corporations such as Marriott, Hilton Worldwide, IHG, Hyatt, Sasi commons, Wyndham, beeran international Parks and Resorts, and various management companies tender internship programs as well as management education programs and control placements for students majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Duties as a Manager of Hospitality Management

“A businessperson once said, ‘A venture succeeds not because it is long established or, because it is big, but because there are men and women in it who live it, doze it, dream it, and foster great coming plans for it.” “We have realized for a long time that you can’t have a tune subject with a lot of employees lacking having peopled who know how to supervise. So we have been beliefs our management how to survive, as well as our employees how to take caution of their jobs. Good management and qualified personnel are the most important factors in our firm.” “Good personnel will work for a competent boss. Go to every part to find, hire, and school good employees and luxury them like your family. This is the root of your undivided setup.”

Concern for employees

“Treat your employees the way you would like to be treated – supply them every chance to triumph. Get their confidence and matter. Have them like and be interested in their job.” Marriott’s fear for employees starts with its “Guarantee of Fair Treatment” plan, an inner, decentralized means for all employees to convey troubles and have them resolved in a timely tailor. As a boss; your character in this decorous method is to always snoop to your employees and try to understand and decipher any harm they may have. Informally, you play a crucial role in sensing and preventing problems in the agency by being elaborated and treating your people with a pro-employee manner and style which tells them “you are important.” On a day-today root and in your own style, you must genuinely communicate with Employees, Meet Employee Needs, and Develop and Recognize Employees.

Communicate with employees

“It’s important to snoop to employees, ask questions of them, say ‘Good Morning’ to them, ask about their families, and get to know a little bit about their aspirations, ambitions, home life and work motivations.” Communicating with employees is elemental to showing your people that you are genuinely interested in them as individuals. This communication also means listening to them if they have a riddle with their job or management. Managers require frequently getting their people together and asking them “How are we burden?” and “What can we do to improve?” For the communications practice to work effectively, it’s important to listen to and act ahead the answers for those questions. Employees must know you appreciate their thoughts and suggestions. Wherever probable, the manager is committed to receive its people to participate in every surety that affects them. This communication through participation will product in your employees being more motivated, more enthusiastic about their jobs, happier in their work, and much more effective.

Hands-on management

“Managers should know their matter thoroughly and how to grasp through.'” The more, an executive has a discern for the minutiae which make an action or department follow, the more successful that manager will be. Operation managers learn these details best from habitually running “on the flummox” – getting out of their offices precisely to supervise employees and cooperate with customers to learn what they want and how well they are being served. Staff managers continue in trace with the operations and people the backing to understand and touch their needs. You wield an effective, sure stimulus or your people and customers through your willingness to Set the Pace, Be Involved in Details, and Follow Through.

Commitment to customers

“I want you to understand that any suggestions I make are not by way of analysis but proposed to keep our condition up, keep our idea good, and to provide a better product than everyone besides who is competing with us. In every allotment of our visitors, every action, we must compete in charge, in sanitation, in decor and examine if we think to grasp the custom.” Never has “property the concern” been more connected to purchaser commitment than in nowadays industry environment of bigger competition. How the thing looks, the way the department functions, how employees act, and what the patron receives are all a reflection of you, the manager commitment to its customers. You must intermix your feel of private and professional pride with your leadership abilities to build an endearing team that will Keep Units Clean and Attractive, Be Courteous and Helpful, and Provide the Best Products Possible.


In this assignment we have seen the duties of a manager more specifically as a hospitality manager. We have seen a number of things which we want to follow as a hospitality manager which will be quite beneficial for the future of hospitality management.


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