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How to Choose an Essay Topic

Choosing an essay topic is the most difficult thing. To curb this, the writer should read the assignment carefully and know what is expected of you. Take keen of the instructions given.

Start With What You Know

If you choose a topic that you know best you might feel overwhelmed and go out of topic without knowing. Begin from the known to the unknown at least saving on time.  Developing and exploring the topic as you write is all you need to be doing. Introduce by what people know and elaborate what they don’t know. This creates an interest within the audience.


List down all the topics that you may wish to write about. You shouldn’t limit yourself to any topic. Let your mind flow with the writing rhythm. This is called “brain dump”. Topics that are of no use shouldn’t be included; they will just act as distractors.

Asking Questions

From the few topics selected, ask yourself all the potential questions about the topics. These will be like points in the making. Approaching each topic in an inquisitive mind will enable you build the body on the topics selected. What’s with the topic you’re about to write on? What will you try to prove after choosing such a topic? Do they fit the set guidelines?

Free writing

Once you have settled on few topics, conduct five to ten minutes free write on each one of them. In that you are writing without thinking, anything that comes in mind you put it down. Freelance I call it. Write what comes in mind never worrying about the topic in question. Express it the way you know best. What you don’t know, will come later. Spelling and other grammar errors shouldn’t stop you.

Narrowing Your Topic

With sufficient “brain dump”, choose a suitable topic that you find so interesting, intriguing and best fits your assignment at hand. Narrow it to a doable level making it easier to research on.

5 Top

Illustration Essay Topics

For such topics you can choose like;

  • Drunkenness a disease for the human race!
  • Causes of global terrorism?
  • Effects of divorce on an infant’s social behavior!
  • Effects of capital punishment on crimes!
  • Cars for hire

5 Top

Controversial Essay Topics

For controversial topics, you can have topics like;

  • Should we move to live on mars?
  • Should vehicles be driven on severe rainy weather?
  • Should private security firms’ guards be allowed to carry guns?
  • When should children start deciding on their own?
  • Should the economic meltdown be blamed on inflation?

5 Top

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Persuade your spouse to clean the house
  • Convince your mother to let you watch television
  • Persuade your parents to let you keep a dog as a pet
  • Persuade the head teacher to allow as skip class and watch football finals
  • Persuade a friend to come over for the party

10 Top

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

This will include topics touching on either the causes or the effects of doing some things within the society;

  • The effects of post-election
  • The effects of the typhoon
  • The decreasing rate of violence in the city
  • The side effects of eating pork
  • The root cause of infidelity
  • The causes of child abuse within the society
  • The effects of drinking booze to much
  • The increasing rate of child molestation
  • The effects of marijuana
  • The effects of poor eating habits

5 Top

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Boys team versus girls team
  • Two or more service providers
  • Money versus love
  • Ways of writing a resume: open and functional
  • Your view on the past and current economic levels
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