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Writing on any professional or formal topics is easier as compared to writing on informal, interesting and fun research paper topics, because of the limitations of investigation, data collection and putting forth an understandable inference. A fun research paper topic that is not just interesting, but ensures a smooth research along with promising a valuable addition to its field of study is tricky to find. For that purpose, we have compiled a list of some funny research paper topics.

50 Ideas for funny research paper topics

  1. The scope of censoring the textbooks for their school-going children.
  2. Global warming has been exaggerated.
  3. Is there a need to introduce laws for letting gays marry?
  4. Should Americans really be called literate?
  5. For building a good shopping mall there are certain things that need to be added.
  6. Study of the motivating factors for the terrorists.
  7. Given a chance to interview a dead famous personality, who would be the one under the study and why?
  8. The behavior of family members working in the same workplace.
  9. Feminism is doing badly than good for the couples in the society.
  10. The benefits of taking 'gap year' between college and high school.
  11. Is the grading system in US faulty? The Americans studying in non-US colleges get lower grades than taking inside US.
  12. Internet has made children less socialized.
  13. Has having juvenile courts or separate laws for the teens helped reduce crime?
  14. Characteristics of most long-lasting weddings.
  15. Children with longer family orientation help grow social understanding better. Explain with facts.
  16. Would obesity be reduced by making it a punishable offense to healthcare?
  17. Forcing divorce-applicant couples stay in legal boundaries would help reduce divorce cases.
  18. Should making cartoons of religious and political personalities be considered an art?
  19. Removing cigarettes and drinking scenes would help influence people against smoking and drinking.
  20. Schools having uniform policies showcase better grades.
  21. Is killing ghosts from the mind of others be charged under murder?
  22. How is Facebook leading to split personality cases?
  23. The US and obesity have broken records of other nations together.
  24. Are violence cases in football entertaining people and making news?
  25. The information on food labels is scientifically fine but fails to communicate the nature of food to the general public.
  26. Would reducing pays of athletes and Hollywood actors help regularize the national economy?
  27. The same sex wedding should be held legal.
  28. Historical study of the ghosts of the railroad.
  29. Having a bad body odor is a corporate offense.
  30. How people swear in the situations of problems.
  31. How do men and women compromise the ideal mating strategies?
  32. Adjustment with the sensory organs to accept the canned food for cats.
  33. Honey bee behavior and the effect of cocaine.
  34. The psychological study behind reacting funny in the cases of farts.
  35. Discrimination of similar paintings between popular and struggler artists.
  36. Regular access to beer at home leads to more teens turning drunkards than adults.
  37. Has Facebook brought cases of virtual love?
  38. The physics behind making of a super-soaker.
  39. Political tiffs on news are a better entertainment than daily soaps.
  40. Teenage pregnancy and parenting.
  41. Football leading to obesity in children.
  42. Effectiveness of social media websites in getting jobs to people.
  43. The dual faces of people on the social networks.
  44. Who is wilder threat to nature, human beings or animals?
  45. What gets a bat-breed sexually aroused?
  46. Fashion leading to less intelligence in females.
  47. Effectiveness of narcotics in making people speaks truth.
  48. Making masculine physique leads to dwarfism.
  49. Which brand of alcohol has tough bottles to damage a human skull?

Studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics weakens romance in a human being.