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Eating and nutrition are, probably, the most significant events in life of every human being. Eating has become our tradition and part of our culture. In many countries, the process of eating and nutrition is a real ceremony that is accompanied by some bright events. People enjoy delicious food. In reality, eating and problem of healthy food are the most widespread themes of all times. All human beings depend upon eating: the foods are the exclusive source of energy and nutrition. People know so much about eating and useful features of certain types of products. The necessity of food is our inborn feature: people are born with the wish to eat and are brought up with prosperous traditions of eating and preparing food. Nevertheless, people also do not know much information about eating and foods, and all the negative effects that unhealthy nutrition can cause. Nowadays, in the world of modern tendencies and fashion, people are more concerned about the connection between diets and health. We focus on the problems of the usefulness of foods and concern about different questions concerning the quality of foods and its effects on human health and immune system. It is not a secret that many products have negative effect on people’s health and immune system in general. Many of modern popular products can lead to different diseases of heart and nervous system. Eating is an absurdity and a secrecy that our intimates tried and up to date scientists are trying to resolve.

The tradition of studying positive and negative features of food rooted from ancient times when people were interested in the products they eat and herbs that were around hem. On the basis of experiences and traditions, our intimates used foods, herbs and plant materials to care for different types of illness. According to manuscripts discovered in Chine, that dated from 168 B.C. people knew a lot of receipts using about 52 ailments with different herbs, grains, legumes, vegetables, animal parts, and different minerals. They say that there is any herb that is useless for people. Today, the remedies produced from plants and food is still the main medicinal basis for practically 80% of the whole world’s population.

Due to lack of proven systematic validity, the pharmacological roles of daily foods have been neglected for along time by modern medicine. Modern medicine was mainly focused on pharmaceuticals. The scientists came to the conclusion that, despite their helpfulness, modern pharmaceutical means are very hazardous for people’s health and the only way out is to use natural resources, such as herbs in the medicine. This displeasure is focused on the feeling that they are too disease-oriented and maybe too incomplete by their accuracy to cope efficiently with the restrained factors and interrelationships that cooperate human health and illness. In this case more and more scientists tend to use natural sources of treatment as they are more reliable and useful, having no side effects. Surely, the treatment with the help of herbs takes more time, but it is more effective from the point of view of achieved results. More and more modern scientists are coming back to the reality of antique food folk medicines and different dietary practices for clues to medicines and antidotes to modern illnesses.

There were a lot of researches conducted in the sphere of pharmacological effects of food; the results of such investigations are rather exciting. Moreover, the scientists provided a lot of improvements of the fact that food effects people’s health greatly. But it is necessary to take into account that not every kind of food in useful for health and one should pay particular attention to the choice of products for daily life. Unfortunately, people are not aware of all the useful features of the foods they eat. That is why it is necessary to be very careful about the products we buy and use. The choice of foods is very significant. Since curative power of food depends on the content of pharmacologically active components that vary among food, some types of foods should be avoided and excluded from the daily ration because of their illness encouraging activities. Scientists advise study carefully the list of food ingredients as many of them are potentially dangerous for life and health. Fortunately, modern sources of Mass Media and other means of information keep people aware of the latest investigations in the sphere of food, products and nutrition.

Healthy food is a direct source of extreme life energy that is why it is necessary to select products very carefully. Nothing in the world can be compared with health and happiness and health is directly connected with physical activities and surely, healthy food. Everybody should be aware of the products he/she use and know exactly all the negative and positive features of the food. Our energy is directly interconnected with the food we eat. Its energy comes directly from the sun and the nutrients come from the earth. Everything that we consume should be healthy for us to be health as well. Being healthy is not only being without a cold or any disease. It also comprises reproductive health. By eating products polluted with chemicals, the sturdiness of reproductive health is decreased ever so faintly in every generation. Unfortunately, it a well-known fact that the products consumed from modern supermarkets and shops contains a lot of chemical ingredients that effect human health an immune system in the worse possible way. The recently conducted statistics demonstrates very unpleasant and not very soothing results. So, according to the researches, conducted by the institute of health nutrition and immunology, practically 80% of average food that appear in modern supermarkets of large cities, contains genetically modified organisms and chemical substances that can lead to serious diseases. Taking into account the fact that modern products are potentially dangerous for health, there is the necessity of using healthy foods and products that are free from chemicals and dangerous substances. Scientists concluded that eating the organic food is one of the most successful ways out of the problem of unhealthy and dangerous food (Katz 126). It is really so, as organic food is really beneficial from the point of view of value and costs. Organic food is not only very consuming but also very delicious. Obviously, for those who are in habit of eating the foods of non organic origin, it will be rather difficult to get accustomed to the organic foods, but it worse it, as the result will provide you with strong health and high spirits. It was proved by numerous scientists and simple people.

The advantages of organic food are clear to everybody. As the demand for organic products and food has significantly increased all over the world, more people still ask the question if organic food is more nourishing and better tasting than usually grown food, and whether the organic food is better for the environment and health, whether it is possible to prevent some dangerous diseases such as heartbreaks, high pressure and a lot of stomach illnesses that are, unfortunately, the inevitable result of using the no organic food (Kluger, Harrell and Mahr 32). After all, in order to pay a high price for organic food, it is significant to understand completely all the advantages of the organic food and preview all its benefits and good results that it has on our heath. It is true that there is not yet a decisive answer concerning all the advantages of organic products and organic farming, as the most population till give their preference to the conventional food. The first reason is that conventional is cheaper and not everyone can afford buying some expensive food, whatever healthy it may be. However, the studies have demonstrated that many organic products are always more nutritious and tastier than conservatively grown foods, and that there are many distinctive benefits to the environment, animals, and soil used while growing organic products and grass fed meat. The investigations conducted by the independent scientists demonstrated obvious advantages of the organic food over the conventional one. Two groups of individuals were examined by the scientists. People from the first group were fed by the conventional food, containing different chemical substance, while the representatives of the second group were fed by the organic food, grown up in the environmentally clean territories. At the end of the experiment, scientists tried to compare the general health condition of the representatives of both groups. The results of the conducted examination were astonishing. The health condition of the representatives of the fist group was in two times heavier than that of the first group. The scientists came to the conclusion, that food has a direct influence upon the condition of heart and general condition of all body organs. The second group demonstrated excellent results of both, general health condition and good mood.

Organic food has many benefits that were proved by numerous researches. The only disadvantage of the organic products is its high price. Cost is the only real drawback when it deals with buying fresh foods. The cost of organic products is up to three times more than the price of non-organic foods. For instance, chicken, farmed organically can cost about $8 to $12 when the price of non-organic can achieve $4 -$5. The production of such kind of foods is also very expensive. Another problem, connected with the organic food is the difficulty to buy. In some cities that are far from villages and farms it is rather hard to buy organic food, because it is not shipped in the local shops, because of its high price. Still, consumers should decide what is significant to them: health or money, but the answer is obvious. There is a question about the products, containing some organic ingredients. Is it also organic? Yes, it is still organic, in the case if the products contain 70% of organic ingredients, excluding additional water and salt. Pay attention to the fact that organic food does not contain additional sulfites, the rest of 30% of ingredients can be of non-organic production. So, the organic products is a non-chemical, austerely processed, and fresh kind of food.

Among the variety of benefits of organic foods, related to the health improvement and perseverance, this type of food has certain taste benefits. One of the advantages of organic products is that they taste better. The typical taste of a food is based on a partial number of taste feelings, such as sweet, acid, sour and other main flavors. However, the smell of food comprises up to 80% of what we distinguish as taste. Organic food contains a great amount of water in comparison with the sugar and different fats, flour and legumes that include about 10-15% water. Fish and meat include about 70-80% water, moreover 90% of fruit and vegetables is also water that is so important for life and all vital process. Amusingly, products grown conventionally, contains more water than organic products. It happens because conventional methods of fertilization comprise nitrogen leading to more water being absorbed into the cells of the product when it is not fertilized with the usage of nitrogen (Crinnion 14). Nevertheless, studies have demonstrated that that the use of nitrogen leads to the increasing of 5-30% more water in conventional products than in ecologically grown foods. That is why nitrogen is not used as fertilizer while growing of the organic foods. For instance, conventionally grown romaine comprises 94.3% water, when romaine, grown ecologically, contains 92.3% water. Conventionally grown cabbage contains about 1.1% more water than its ecological counterpart, and conventional spinach contains 10% more water than its ecologically grown one (Dangour, Allen, Lock, Uauy and Ricardo 179). What one can see from these figures is that organic food, grown up in the ecologically friendly conditions, has a higher proportion of dry components, it means it has stronger taste and more intense nutrients. Foods, containing more water will be more watery in flavor and in nutrition. In accordance with the research above, the flavor difference may vary between 2-20% less in products grown conventionally, depending upon the increase in the proportion of water in the food. One more reason explaining why organic food is healthier and has better taste is the fact that most organic farms are little operations and they transport their products nearby soon after the process of harvesting (Daugbjerg, Halpin and Darren 400). As a result, consumers are able to buy fresher products, with all the flavor and nutrition intact.

Production of organic food is strictly regulated industry; it requires all the producers to meet certain particular certification, in order to have the opportunity to market their organic product. It means that all organic products must be produced in a way that adheres to the strategies and high standards set by the country they will deliver their products. It is very significant for the organic food production to be strictly controlled, as it is a future of healthy nation.

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