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Very few students and researchers know what value a proposal paper holds in the process of research. It is the first step towards submitting a research paper. Hardly it's known that the quality of a proposal paper largely decide how successful the final research paper would be. If the proposal paper doesn't hold any good impression, it would get the entire research paper doomed. On the contrary, if the proposal paper is good and impressive, it would take the research paper to a higher guarantee level of success.

What does a proposal paper mean?

The first document, before starting to work on the final research report that enables the professor to know about the topic, methodology and inference you are going to present in the final report, is called a proposal report. From this document, the instructor verifies whether the final report would stand acceptable by meeting guidelines or not. It is this report that makes the next processes easy by assuring the student as well as the instructor that the report is going to be on a mutually agreeable roadmap.

The quality of the proposal report primarily depends on the proposal paper topics that it's built around. Before jumping off to picking a topic proposal format should be quickly looked at.

  • Introduction – That provides important background.
  • Literature review – This covers most of the proposal report. This gives credits to the ones who helped you lay the ground for the research, and showcases your capability to evaluate and present the historical literature on the similar topic
  • Hypothesis question – This is the reason for your research paper. By this, you are telling the readers about your motive to conduct the research
  • Methodology – You identify the method of conducting research, along with primary and secondary sources of pulling supporting data.

Proposal Topics

Be it working around criminal justice research proposal topics or sociology research proposal topics, you need to keep in mind that you can pick anything that has scope for you to undergo investigations, collect evidences, look at trials and charges, gather historical trends of the social topic, etc. A few topics are given for you to get some proposal paper ideas about how you can frame similar topics:

  1. Are the cases of child abuse leading to more crimes being committed?
  2. A criminal's socio-economic status affects the punishment given to him/her?
  3. Social segregation in the schools and colleges in US/UK.
  4. Crime in the corporate scenario.
  5. The protection of sub-cultures in the capital of a country.
  6. Prison nurseries good or bad for the prisoners.