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An exhibition space is a venue for an organized assembly of artworks for either an individual or for the group. Many persons believe that being in the midst of the lively floor is the most important part of their event experience. This is because, they can view and be viewed by all the event participants and thus have a good opportunity to demonstrate their new products and services. Xenakis exhibition has made of score, and sketches of notation, which are believed that they lead up them as legitimate pieces of art. Xenakis design was innovative, thus being unique from classical counterpart even despite the initial visual resemblance. Xenakis was outstanding due to the use of mathematics and geometry, which was not found to the graphical notation of the American avant-garde.

The text on the wall was important to display sufficient information to the observers. These texts were organized in a planned manner, in that, though they could be judged as an artistic statement in themselves, but by both separating the representational object from the experience and not enough associating the drawings to their musical context. In the display, there were only beautiful pictures, small beautiful pictures, a lot of them, evenly distributed out though a space that was more than enough for them. The plenty of space is good because, in case of any adjustment, it gives allowance for that.

The design of Xenakis is done to standard, and does not require any explication. To enhance understanding to everyone without any difficulties, various technologies were employed. For example, there were areas for listening to the recordings, a station which was designed for viewing an interview, and also a recording of one of his computer music pieces. These all conformed to the AAO format of the drawings. However, there were some areas which need to be upgraded to be more attractive. Such places were for instance, the stations which were designed for listening. This is because, they were small, equivalent to library like cubical space that were bumpy and had cheap headphones. Also the range of multimedia appeared not to be curate and was not organized in a proper manner.

Another place, which needed to be reorganized, was the YouTube, which seemed to be out of place. The youtube video being one of the Xenakis’ polytopes, was in a gallery like MOCA. Actually, it was just telling of the gallery’s failure to digest and curate the work of someone wasn’t making pieces or art so much as performance.

There were various reasons why MOCA eventually didn’t make it at competent exhibition of Xenakis. Most probable ones are logical reasons, such as money or availability of workforce. Formatting also makes sense on an intuitive level for Xenakis beginner, especially on the first floor. Xenakis, attractive fonts and graphic and bright colors to enliven the exhibition centre. This helped viewer into museum setting with biographical information concerning Xenakis and a small collection of drawings and models demonstrating the formative period of his artistic intentions. The role of AAO display applies here, but only due to the fact it is a kind of transparent and inoffensive manner of demonstrating a collection of drawings that we’re used in galleries.

Although, this was first assessment of the exhibition in his experience, the AAO format going through his whole life’s work has weakened the spatial and experiential aim of his composition. This can be proved upon reaching the second floor. Here the work is still following the AAO format, however instead of in an friendly gallery setting, it is in a large exhibition space more suited for large installations, which sarcastically for an exhibit of an installation artist, there is none. For xenakis to remain competitive there is great need to modernize the second floor so that it does appear uncomfortable.

There are other Medias that could be more to the point or useful, thus a research is required to determine how other Medias are designed and know what are their strong attractive points. Currently there is no “argument” being proposed to Xenakis’ work of as evidence, however proper strategies must be set to ensure the exhibition space remains attractive. There are small medium scale drawings, which are dwarfed by the austere void of gallery, space which doesn’t appear to persuade close reading of meticulous and serial similar to sketch composition that Xenakis produced for his pieces. The variation between the scales of what present versus the scale of where the producers of the exhibition that is at times not only frustrating, but also ultimately, alienated.

Generally, the layout and spatial design of exhibition influences or determines its competent or attractiveness. Xenakis layout in the first floor is excellent and as a result it attracts many people. However, much needs to be done in the second, so as to be attractive similar to first floor. The kind of work that was on the display, the AAO format, also appears to be monotonous, the boring customers. The work on the wall; which includes drawings, sketches, and graphical notations were only artifacts in large procedure toward something bigger.